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Did You Know...

... that Tamara Bartlett picks up in Colorado what Keith Walter started long ago?

Capital Region's Indoor Cloud League team
posted Dec 30th, 2019 - The NSL News reported on December 3rd that the Capital Region team had joined the Indoor Cloud League. Dee Caminiti and Gorka Amian were back in December with five lineups who posted their scores and videos even earlier than last month.

Most of the November participants were back, and there were new names in the lineups, as well. The December team increased the total number of points from 86 in November to 108 for the last month of the Indoor Cloud League 2019 season.

Former Golden Knights world champion and FAI Judge Eric Heinsheimer was back in action again for the Capital Region team, and his RRR Class lineup (Bardia Golkar, Evelyn May, Ernie Torres) is currently claiming the December highscore. The leaderboard will be complete as soon Paraclete XP and iFLY Seattle have added their scores and videos.

Capital Region - DecemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsC,20,J,16 B,20,13 A,C,2 A,C,J M,B,P M,KTotal
Gorka Amian, Kevin Larson, John Gross, Dee Caminiti1617----33
Keith Buell, Dee Caminiti, Kat Osipova, Leslie Noble--15---15
Bardia Golkar, Evelyn May, Ernie Torres, Eric Heinsheimer---18--18
Keith Buell, Dee Caminiti, Kat Osipova, Leslie Noble----25-25
Ian Conners, Nathanial Andres-Erwin, Gorka Amian, Kevin Larson-----1717

Capital Region's Best of December161715182517108

USPA silver medals: Tamara Bartlett (bottom, 2nd from left) with Stockholm Syndrome
There is another new Indoor Cloud League team on the 12+ leaderboard. Tamara Bartlett has activated teams and competitors in Colorado, where iFLY Denver hosted her first Indoor Cloud League event in December.

Three teams (FlyWeights, Altitude Junkies, HalfASyndrome) performed two of the three Rookie Class sequences (RR - R) and competed for the highest numbers in these two categories at the starting point. The first Rookie Class scores from Colorado are very competitive (25 - 15) compared to the scores on the 14+ leaderboard.

Tamara Bartlett has been training and competing with Stockholm Syndrome this year and won the Intermediate Class silver medals at the USPA Nationals, after an exciting battle with several other teams who had placed in front of her team at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic. Only Platinum XP finished ahead of Stockholm Syndrome at both events.

Keith Walter (right) with Teiwaz in December
Tamara Bartlett will soon step up onto a very different level of 4-way training and competition. Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings, both members of the U.S. national team in 8-way Open, Airspeed XP8, and reigning 8-way indoor world champions, plan to add an all-female 4-way team to their 2020 agenda. They have invited Tamara Bartlett and former Phoenix XP member Irina Meshcheryakova, who is also participating at the Indoor Cloud League events for the iFLY Seattle team.

Colorado has a long history of 4-way competition in the National Skydiving League. The Colorado Skydiving League posted its first scores in 2000, and the 4-way teams of the Air Force Academy participated on a regular basis at the regional meets until 2008.

Keith Walter launched the Colorado Skydiving League in 2000 and handed it over to Samer Haija when he moved to the Carolinas. There he continued as a participant, together with his wife Yvette. He now lives in Florida and manages the SOCOM demo team. His passion for 4-way competition has not faded at all. He and Yvette Walter recently competed with Teiwaz at the World Tunnel League meet at iFLY Tampa. Teiwaz did not make it to the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard in December, as SCZ ZEUS posted the highest AAA/AA scores. Tamara Bartlett has now taken the 4-way lead in Colorado, and Keith Walter is watching the activities at the place of his 4-way roots carefully...

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