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Did You Know...

... that the Capital Region team has joined the Indoor Cloud League?

ICL team Capital Region in November
posted Dec 3rd, 2019 - Not only the World Tunnel League has enjoyed great participation in November and keeps growing. The monthly Indoor Cloud League competition has been showing similar progression with two new ICL teams in 2019 and more projects in the works.

The latest addition to the ICL 14+ leaderboard comes from the region of the U.S. capital city Washington D.C. which is one of the country's most populated areas. Dee Caminiti and Gorka Amian have launched the ICL team "Capital Region" and are organizing monthly Indoor Cloud League events at different wind tunnels.

Dee Caminiti and Gorka Amian both are experienced Formation Skydiving competitors, and their teams mastered the six ICL November sequences with five different lineups. Dee Caminiti has been a regular participant at Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League and other events. Together with Kyle Hermberg, ICL organizer of the iFLY Dallas team, she placed 2nd with V3XP in the AAA/Intermediate Class competition of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship this year, right behind USPA gold medal winner Platinum XP. Later she joined TSC Cadence, USPA Intermediate Class gold medalist of 2018, for this year's Advanced Class competition at the USPA Nationals.

Capital Region - NovemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsK,22,E,12 P,7,22 D,K,6 H,K,E M,D,K M,PTotal
Gorka Amian, Kevin Larson, John Gross, Dee Caminiti1417----31
Bardia Golkar, Eric Heisheimer, Ketih Buell, Ernie Torres--11---11
Bardia Golkar, Gorka Amian, Keith Buell, Ernie Torres---19--19
Gorka Amian, Kevin Larson, Amar Zabarah, Ian Connors----13-13
Fuad Muganlinsky, Dee Caminiti, John Gross, Ian Conners-----1212

Capital Region's Best of November14171119131286

Eric Heinsheimer with Golden Knights at the USPA Nationals 2002
Dee Caminiti's ICL partner Gorka Amian is in the SDC Rhevolution XP lineup and finished one point behind TSC Cadence in 2018.

He continued with Rhevolution, who left the Intermediate Class behind and competed in the Advanced Class at this year's national championships.

Together they guided three of the five Capital Region teams through the ICL November sequences as player-coaches, and they took on the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) with Kevin Larson and John Gross in the lineup.

They did not have to help the A Class team too much. Bardia Golkar, Keith Buell and Ernie Torres enjoyed the 4-way company of Eric Heisheimer who joined the new ICL team on a short call.

The former Golden Knights member has won several world championship titles in 8-way before switching to 4-way and winning the USPA Nationals in 2002.

He came back with a pickup 8-way team at the FAI World Meet 2008 in France, while he had already began his approach to judging. He is now one of the most experienced FAI judges in the world.

iFLY Seattle - NovemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsK,22,E,12 P,7,22 D,K,6 H,K,E M,D,K M,PTotal
Jeramy Eggum, Isaac Bahr, Shawna Williams, Andrew Gaiovyi1114----25
Gary Dutton, Nat Mote, Barbara Lindsay, Irina Meshcheryakova--1114--25
Art Nepute, Brian Olmsted, Bill Selig, Djordje Mandaric----21-21
Chenglong Wang, Casey Chen, Dave Correia, Deb Correia-----2323

iFLY Seattle's Best of November11141114212394

iFLY Seattle team in November
iFLY Seattle's Indoor Cloud League team had a former world champion in the November lineup, as well, who had won his title even before Eric Heinsheimer, and long before the first wind tunnel for 4-way training was built in Orlando.

Art Nepute was a member of the DeLand Air Bears (Tom Piras, Guy Manos, John Robbins, with Norman Kent on camera) who won the 4-way gold medals at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving in 1985. It was the first world meet where the current format with a mixture of blocks and random formations was applied in 4-way and 8-way competition.

The dive pool was different though, almost 35 years ago. However, Art Nepute's Rookie Class lineup had to deal only with a few random formations, and Seattle Swift member Djordje Mandaric was in the same lineup with up-to-date information. Art Nepute had already attended a few earlier Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY Seattle and was back in November.

iFLY Seattle's RR team with Art Nepute is currently in 1st place on the ICL November leaderboard, while Eric Heinsheimer's A Class team of the Capital Region tied the 11-pointers posted by iFLY Jacksonville and iFLY Seattle. More November scores and videos will be posted in the coming days.

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