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Did You Know...

... that the penalty situation plays a major role in the race for 4-way Open Class bronze medals?

Marco Arrigo and Alexander Prendinger at the NSL Live Talk studio...
posted Oct 9th, 2019 - The reigning 4-way world champions from Belgium, NMP PCH HayaBusa, are not present at the FAI Outdoor World Cup in Eloy. However, team member Dennis Praet made the trip to Eloy anyway, as the NSL News mentioned a few times earlier.

He took some more time on Wednesday morning for a summary of the situation after Round 3 in all Formation Skydiving events and for a preview of today's competition. The conversation began with an overview of the Wednesday schedule and then turned to the next three rounds, which will be completed during the first half of the day.

Dennis Praet explained that the first round of the day, Round 4 (9,20,G) would offer different engineering options. Round 5 follows with a mainly standard sequence before Round 6 concludes the 4-way day with another more interesting sequence. Two slot-switching blocks (10 and 3) could bring piece partners in the front or rear piece back to their exit positions without extra memory.

However, Dennis Praet added that his team has another engineering option with the same result. It's the mirror-image option that requires a lot of training to get familiar with different turning directions and visual images of the formations.

NSL News Wednesday morning update with Dennis Praet
Dennis Praet with Roy Janssen and Rhythm members Doug Barron, Andrew Happick
Arizona Airspeed mastered the engineering for Round 4 extremely well, while SDC Rhythm XP struggled with the sequence. Result was an 8-point difference (29 - 21) in this one round, which increased the Airspeed lead to 12 points after four rounds. It seems impossible for the U.S. 4-way champion to make up for the loss in the remaining six rounds.

At the same time, the second Airspeed lineup is on the other and more unfortunate end. Odyssey's latest reunion suffers eight point deductions, seven of them due to video troubles after the exit. Odyssey would be in 3rd place without the penalties. Defiance is three points ahead after penalties.

The 4-way leaderboard has all four U.S. teams in the first four positions, as the NSL News mentioned it as a possibility in the preview. Swedish team Echochamber had the same video trouble in Round 2 that Airspeed Odyssey have been dealing with in each round. Echochamber lost three points in Round 2 and is one point behind Odyssey.

Three additional point deductions for the Swedes in Round 4 did not help their case and delayed their efforts to interfere with the U.S. 4-way sweep. Defiance lead Echochamber by four points after Round 4 in the race for the FAI bronze medals.

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