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Did You Know...

... that the USPA Nationals are next for the Texas Skydiving League teams?

Teams and competitors at the Dallas Super Cup
posted Aug 21st, 2019 - The last meet of the Texas Skydiving League, this year's Dallas Super Cup, was scheduled a weekend before several more teams posted their scores in all categories, and the teams in Texas had the whole leaderboard for themselves.

It was the final meet of the Texas Skydiving League 2019 season and took place at Spaceland Dallas on Saturday, August 10th. Meet director Scott Latinis kicked off the meet with the competitor briefing, introduced judges Ron Shipp and Bill Schmitt, and followed up with a discussion of the basic rules of a 4-way meet, before DZ manager Ben Nelson finished with a thorough safety briefing.

The printed version of the competition draw was then handed out to the six 4-way teams, who got a 40-minute call at that time. The meet was underway. In the meantime, chief videographer Zach Lewis provided his colleagues on the cameras with instructions on downloading the competition videos.

Scott Latinis reported from Spaceland Dallas that the manifest staff kept the meet cruising along smoothly, and that all six rounds were completed with plenty of daylight left: "Medals were handed out, the Dallas Super Cup trophy was hoisted and a good time was had by all!"

Dallas Super Cup 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 9,10,16 M,N,Q,B,17 18,D,4 C,22,H,2 J,11,E,5 8,K,L,F Total Avg
1 Space Force BTR 13    16 -3 11 -1 10 -2 13    15 -1 78 13.0
2 It's Hammered Time 4    8    6    5    4    7    34 5.7
Rank AA Class 9,2 M,N,Q,B 18,D,4 C,22,H J,11,E 8,K,L Total Avg
1 Super SISters 9    12 -1 6 -1 8 -1 10    8    53 8.8
2 Second Wind 2 -1 5 -1 2    3    2 -1 2    16 2.7
Rank Rookie K,A,B M,N,Q D,G,L C,H,P J,E,O F,K,M Total Avg
1 Just 4 Fun 3 -1 4    1    1 -1 0 -1 2    11 1.8
2 FUP Ducks 0    0    1    0 -1 1    1    3 0.5

Space Force BTR with the Dallas Super Cup trophy
In the past, only the name of the AAA Class winner was placed on the TSL trophy. Meet director Latinis informed this year's competitors that beginning with the 2019 meet, the winners in all 4-way categories will have their team names on the Dallas Super Cup trophy.

The Texas Skydiving League also recognizes the winners of the 2019 season. Scott Latinis explained the rules briefly: "In order to be eligible for the TSL championship award, a team must compete in at least two of the three TSL meets."

Aviatrixx won the San Marcos Showdown in June and the Pre-Nationals in July and is the TSL AAA Class champion. Space Force BTR, with Scott Latinis in the lineup, attended two meets, as well, and had finished behind Aviatrixx in July. Plastic Straw Pushing Turtle Killers battled with two different Spaceland Toxic teams in the AA Class at the first two meets and won the TSL championship in this category. Toxic Thunder had started in the A Class at the San Marcos Showdown and was still rewarded with the A Class championship honors after moving up into the AA Class at the Pre-Nationals.

Meet and TSL director Scott Latinis wrapped up the 2019 season with his greetings: "Thanks go out to Skydive Spaceland owner Steve Boyd and to Spaceland's Texas DZ managers – Thomas Hughes, Stephen Boyd Jr, and Ben Nelson - for keeping the 4-way competition spirit alive and well in the Lone Star state! Go compete!" The USPA Nationals 2019 are next for the Texas teams.

Space Force BTR - Super SISters - Just 4 Fun at the Dallas Super Cup
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