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Did You Know...

... that the Best of ICL July video features ten different highscores?

RR Class Highscore: Paraclete XP with Jeana Billings (left)
posted Aug 7th, 2019 - The Best of July video of the Indoor Cloud League features teams and lineups all across the two leaderboards. Only iFLY Seattle and iFLY SF Bay did not claim or share any of the highscores.

One of the new Czech 4-way junior lineups at the Hurricane Factory, Team Green, posted the highest R Class score, which was capped at the 25-point limit. Jeana Billings player-coached Paraclete XP's RR Class lineup (Carrie Bramlett, Charles Beasley, Peter Verduyn) to the 19-pointer highscore in this category.

The 21-pointer by Brandy Verhalen, Arpit Tyagi, Michael Erickson and Kyle Hermberg at iFLY Dallas turned out to be the best score for the RRR sequence. It was the only 20+ score for any of the three Rookie Class sequences, behind the capped 25-pointer. The Rookie Class sequences are the same on both leaderboards.

In fact, the A Class sequence (O,N,7) was also identical this time, and three teams shared the 23-pointer highscore. The Czech M Team, this year with Mirka Musilová, Hana Opálková, Jan Klapka and Mirek Slánský in the lineup, tied the highscore at the Hurricane Factory. The same M Team lineup competes at the outdoor meets, as well, with Lala Ladislav on camera.

Inddor Cloud League July 2019
Rank July 14+ P,4,C,17 H,4,15 O,N,7 E,P,C M,O,N M,H Total
1 Hurricane Factory 26 22 23 7 11 25 114
2 Paraclete XP 20 17 23 14 19 18 111
3 iFLY Tampa 20 18 23 13 16 16 106
4 iFLY Seattle 14 13 17 18 14 17 93
5 iFLY Dallas 14 14 15 21 12 13 89
Rank July 12+ P,21,C,17 H,9,21 O,N,7 E,P,C M.O.N M,H Total
1 iFLY Orlando 18 22 6 12 14 12 84
2 iFLY SF Bay 15 13 14 11 12 17 82

Indoor Cloud League Best of July videos with all highscores
Tied A Class Highscore: i FLY Tampa with three SCZ Zeus members
Paraclete XP's A Class lineup (Keith Pierce, Dominic Perry, Chris Webb, Matt Acord) matched the Czech 23-pointer for July. Dominic Perry, Chris Webb and Matt Acord also scored additional ICL points for Paraclete XP in different lineups for the AAA and AA sequences.

iFLY Tampa's A Class lineup was the third one with a 23-pointer. Emily Bombardi, Suzette Hechst, Amer Kassas and Randy Cutlip almost claimed a sole highscore. One point deduction reduced the 24 points to the same 23-pointer that M Team and Paraclete XP's A Class lineup had posted.

HF Flying Circus took care once again of the highscores for the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) and added a total of 48 points to the Hurricane Factory account in July. No other teams were even close to the two scores.

The AAA sequence for the 12-foot flying chambers was slightly different in July, and the AA Class teams at iFLY SF Bay and iFLY Orlando had to perform two different blocks. iFLY Orlando's teams won in both categories, and the videos have also been added to the July collection of all highscores.

Indoor Cloud League 2019JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ144142140108118134114-----900
2iFLY TampaUS911061127792102106-----686
3Paraclete XPUS10013113211098-111-----682
4iFLY SeattleUS1159111882858293-----666
5iFLY DallasUS6776102881059989-----626
6iFLY AtlantaUS-4041---------82
Flying Chamber: 12+ Feet
1iFLY OrlandoUS10311294871008984-----696
2iFLY SF BayUS88859388849082-----610

In the hunt for the 2nd place: Paraclete XP's ICL July team
SCZ Zeus members were in the featured lineups at iFLY Tampa and iFLY Orlando. Emily Bombardi, Amer Kassas and Randy Cutlip posted the 23-pointer for the A Class sequence on the 14+ leaderboard and the 22-pointer in the AA Class on the 12+ leaderboard. Amer Kassas and Randy Cutlip had also teamed up with Suzette Hechst and James Hall for iFLY Orlando's 18-pointer in the AAA Class.

SCZ Zeus is training and competing outdoors, as well, with 4th member Mike Talerico and videographer Patrick Fortune. They are aiming at the Intermediate Class competition of the USPA Nationals in September.

The 2019 rankings changed again at the end of July. Paraclete XP had dropped to 4th place after missing a scoring number for the month of June. The 111 points in July were enough to get ahead again of iFLY Seattle. However, Florida's iFLY Tampa team is not giving up the 2nd place easily and finished only five points behind Paraclete XP for the July total.

There is a 4-point difference (686 - 682) after the conclusion of the July competition, and iFLY Tampa is still in 2nd place for the year – at the moment...

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