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Did You Know...

... that the July leaderboards of the Indoor Cloud League are complete?

Cali4nia Raptors with Lukasz Weber (right)
posted Aug 5th, 2019 - The latest scores and videos from iFLY SF Bay, iFLY Dallas and iFLY Seattle completed the July competition of the Indoor Cloud League.

The iFLY SF Bay team had the largest participation in July. Northern California Skydiving League and California Tunnel League director Lori Connor scheduled first an Indoor Cloud League event for the Rookie Class participants and then followed up with scores for the three technical sequences (AAA - AA - A) at the WTL event in July.

It was a close call in the AAA Class, where Cali4nia Raptors and DeLoreans both scored 15 points within the 35 seconds of working time. Cali4nia Raptors completed the last formation a hundredth of a second faster than DeLoreans and won the honor of posting the video for the AAA Class sequence. The NSL News mentioned earlier that Cali4nia Raptors had to replace Deanna Frank, and 4Tune member Lukasz Weber helped out as outside center. He also posted the 13-pointer in the A Class with 4Tune. Julius Frank of the Cali4nia Raptors was the player coach for the Rookie Class lineup that posted the RR and R scores for iFLY SF Bay. Lori Connor guided the R Class lineup to the highscore.

Florida's iFLY Orlando team won the July competition by two points. The ICL teams from California and Florida have taken turns winning the monthly competition since March. iFLY Orlando had a solid lead (696 - 610) at the end of July.

TeamsP,21,C,17 H,9,21 O,N,7 E,P,C M,O,N M,HTotal
Cali4rnia Raptors15-----15
Michelle Hart, Will Savage, Michael Stevens, Racheet Matai--14---14
Travis McGowan, Audrey Rose, Tracie Carroll, Julius Frank---1112-23
Viktor Han, Sofia Bai, Xiao Chen, Lori Connor---109(-1)--
Jeroen Habraken, Aditya Srinivas, Michelle Hart, Lori Connor----101717
Lauren Liddell, Jan Blaha, Travis McGowan, Julius Frank----98-

iFLY SF Bay's Best of July15131411121782

Jim Walker with Spaceland Inferno at the USPA Nationals 2003
The iFLY Dallas team had five different lineups for the six ICL sequences, and Dallas 350 member Lucas King was in four of them. He performed the AAA Class sequence with Jim Walker, Jay Rapp and Scott Kucel. Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg and Michael Erickson were his team mates for the AA sequence.

Jim Walker was 4-way competitor when the Texas Skydiving League was launched, and his name appeared in the NSL News when he was a member of TSL team Rave. He had won a USPA gold medal in the Advanced Class competition of the national championships in 2003 with Spaceland Inferno, together with Dave Burton, James Klinge, Alex Pincus, and Clint Hillis (camera).

He continued for a while as one of the early Teiwaz members (#22) before stepping down. Then he was back for the iFLY Dallas team on the June leaderboard of this year's Indoor Cloud League competition.

Kyle Hermberg, ICL Director at iFLY Dallas, guided the RRR Class lineup to the 21-pointer, which is the RRR Class highscore on July's leaderboard. He had former Southern Skydiving League director Brandy Verhalen in his lineup.

Teams P,4,C,17 H,4,15 O,N,7 E,P,C M,O,N M,HTotal
Jay Rapp, Jim Walker, Scott Kucel, Lucas King14-----14
Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg, Michael Erickson, Lucas King-14----14
Aaron Perkins, Keith Eaton, Rebekah Le Gall, Lucas King--15---15
Arpit Tyagi, Michael Erickson, Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg---21--21
Jay Rapp, Jim Walker, Scott Kucel, Lucas King----121325

iFLY Dallas Best of July14141521121389

iFLY Seattle's July team without Djordje Mandaric
The Northwest Skydiving League team at iFLY Seattle did not have Seattle Swift member Djordje Mandaric available who was out of town at the time of the Indoor Cloud League event.

Fortunately, Deb Correia was ready to help out. The NSL News had reported earlier that Deb Correia, who had launched her NWSL indoor team project and the duel with Florida in 2012, was handing over the reigns of the Indoor Cloud League events to Djordje Mandaric at the end of the 2018 season.

Deb Correia had prepared the transition carefully and was sharing the management responsibilities with Djordje Mandaric for a while. Eventually, she was enjoying just the participation at the ICL events ever since, together with her husband Dave Correia.

Djordje Mandaric knew that the July competition would be in good hands, and it was no surprise that the iFLY Seattle team scored on the same level as before. Deb Correia had to fly a little bit more than usual though. She was in three of the four lineups, and the A Class lineup featured two married couples: Deb Correia with husband Dave, Babs Selig with husband Bill...

iFLY Seattle - JulyAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsP,4,C,17 H,4,15 O,N,7 E,P,C M,O,N M,HTotal
Bill Selig, Dave Correia, Deb Correia, Denis Pershakov1413(-1)----27
Babs Selig, Bill Selig, Dave Correia, Deb Correia--17---17
Katie Crabb, Lisa Orchard, Slavko Bato Pesic, Deb Correia---18--18
Brian Olmstead, Barbara Lindsay, Dave Correia, Bill Selig----1417(-1)31

iFLY Seattle's Best of July14131718141793

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