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Did You Know...

... that Elsinore GT alumni re-connected on the June 23 meet weekend?

Steve Miller (top center) and Scott Latinis (bottom right) in 2003
posted Jul 1st, 2019 - The recently featured meet weekend and the leaderboard of the Texas Skydiving League was supposed to be combined with the second 2019 event of the Southern California Skydiving League, which fell victim to the weather situation on the west coast. The synchronized meets and the combined leaderboard of the NSL Network would have created an interesting and indirect reunion of four former team members.

Josh Hall, Arizona Airspeed 4-way world champion of 2012, organizes the Southern California Skydiving League, together with Cristina Olson. Steve Miller is judging the 4-way events of the Southern California Skydiving League, and Scott Latinis is the Texas Skydiving League Director.

Josh Hall, Steve Miller and Scott Latinis have something in common, which goes back to a 4-way team in the early days of the Southwest Skydiving League, Elsinore GT. Steve Miller founded the team in 2002 (Steven Miller, John Craig, Ian Bobo, Shannon Pilcher, Alex Pincus, Ken Olson on camera) and won USPA silver medals in the AAA/Advanced Class competition with the 2004 lineup (Steve Miller, John Craig, Brian Vande Krol, Josh Hall, Jonathan Tagle on camera).

Elsinore GT continued with a different lineup in 2005 (Steve Miller, John Craig, Robert May, Jon Martens, Clint Clawson on camera) and then retired. A mysterious reunion happened (or not) at the July meet of the Southern California Skydiving League 2014 before Steve Miller restricted himself to judging the SCSL meets.

TSL 2019 - San Marcos Showdown
1 2 3 4 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 20,B,1 J,N,K,14 8,10,21 F,G,17,M Total Avg
1 Aviatrixx 12 15 11 -1 20 58 14.5
Rank AA Class 20,B,1 J,N,K,14 8,21 F,G,M,9 Total Avg
1 Spaceland Toxic 8 10 10 -1 16 -1 44 11.0
2 Plastic Straw Pushing Turtle Killers 5 -1 8 5 -2 11 -1 29 7.3
Rank A Class B,P,9 J,N,K 8,21 F,G,M Total Avg
1 Aftershock 8 7 5 -1 - 20 6.7
2 Toxic Thunder 6 7 5 - 18 6.0
3 Toxic Aroma 3 3 1 -1 - 7 2.3

Steve Miller (2nd from right) and Josh Hall (center) in 2004
Steve Miller and Scott Latinis, who trained and competed with Elsinore GT's 2003 lineup (Steve Miller, John Craig, Brian Vande Krol, Scott Latinis, Jonathan Tagle on camera) were supposed to have a different reunion on the June 23 weekend. Josh Hall had scheduled a meet of the Southern California Skydiving League for the same date as Scott Latinis in Texas, and Steve Miller was planning to judge the SCSL meet.

This indirect reunion in different positions did not materialize due to the weather situation in Southern California. Only Scott Latinis had scores on the weekend's leaderboard, despite a compromised weather situation at Skydive Spaceland San Marcos, as well.

All three Elsinore GT alumni actually never trained and competed together in the same lineup. Steve Miller and Scott Latinis were team mates in 2003, Steve Miller and Josh Hall in 2004. Josh Hall then joined Perris Fury before becoming a 4-way world champion with Arizona Airspeed.

Thomas Hughes is actually another Elsinore GT alumnus, as he was filming the team randomly in 2005, the year when he was also on camera here and there for DeLand Fire, 4-way world champion of 2006. He won his own FAI gold medal together with Josh Hall in Dubai 2012.

Omniskore leaderboard of the Advanced Class competition at the USPA Nationals 2004
Steve Miller (right) and Thomas Hughes (2nd from right) in 2005
EGT alumni Thomas Hughes and Scott Latinis were working together at Skydive Spaceland Sam Marcos, where Thomas Hughes has recently been managing the skydiving operation. Scott Latinis had more details of the first TSL meet this year:

"Seven teams had registered, unfortunately AAA Class team Spaceforce BTR had to withdraw due to an injury of one of the team members the day prior to the meet. The injury was not serious, but was severe enough to prevent the team from competing. Clouds, rain, and wind caused a delayed start and delays during the day, resulting in the AAA and AA teams being able to complete only four rounds."

Before the A Class teams could board the plane for their Round 4, they decided that the winds were too gusty to land safely. Meet director Scott Latinis decided to call the meet at that time and finish up with the award ceremony.

EGT alumni Thomas Hughes was a part of his final meet greetings at the awards ceremony: "Thanks to y'all who competed, and much appreciation to Skydive Spaceland San Marcos manifest, staff, pilots, packers, and loaders, and to Chief Judge Thomas Hughes." No other NCSL and TSL meets are scheduled for the same weekend this year.

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