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Did You Know...

... that May was a special month for the Indoor Cloud League?

12-foot chamber: NCTL Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY SF Bay in May
posted Jun 12th, 2019 - The Indoor Cloud League team of the Northern California Skydiving League completed the May leaderboard with six more scores and videos from iFLY SF Bay.

Cali4nia Raptors and Cali4nia Kids performed the AAA and AA sequences for the ICL leaderboard at the World Tunnel League meet, where several other NCTL participants completed all ten May rounds, as well. The Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY SF Bay attracted the additional majority of Rookie Class competitors, who enjoyed the support of the experienced player-coaches in the Rookie Class lineups.

The teams from Northern California did not make it to the Best of May video this time. It was one of the rare months where the sequences for all six categories are identical for all participating wind tunnels. The Rookie Class sequences are always the same, while the teams in 14+ flying chambers have more blocks in their dive pool than the 12+ draw offers every month.

The highscores for the three technical sequences (AAA - AA - A) were all taken by the Czech teams in the Hurricane Factory, and iFLY Dallas won two of the three Rookie Class sequences.

TeamsL,6,B,17 E,6,15 P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,ETotal
Cali4rnia Raptors14-----14
Cali4rnia Kids-13----13
Michael Beaudreau, Rogier Carper, Julius Frank, Deanna Frank-10-----
Ron Put, Vignesh Elamvazhuthi, Lukasz Weber, Rogier Carpier--13---13
Racheet Matai, Jack Wang, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee---1216-28
Sofia Bai, Lulu Gao, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee---1411--
Vanessa LaRocca, Sharlene Djuhari, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee---910--
Vicky Benzing, Travis McGowan, Lukasz Weber, Lori Connor-----1616
Javier Perez, Travis Stubbendeck, Lukasz Weber, Lori Connor-----7-

iFLY SF Bay's Best of May14131312161684

12-foot chamber: Florida team at iFLY Orlando
In fact, the iFLY Dallas team posted the highest total of the year and took the 2nd place for the month of May behind the Hurricane Factory. iFLY Orlando's ICL team performed the same sequences in the 12-foot flying chamber last month, posted the last highscore in the RR Class, and finished in 3rd place.

It was also very unusual last month that no teams tied for the highest scores in any of the six categories. The Best of May video features only six performances of the winners in each category.

Very often, the same lineup scores the highest numbers for two neighboring sequences. This did not happen in May and offered another special and unusual situation. Even the overall winner from the Czech Republic had three different teams for the three different sequences, HF Flying Circus in AAA, HF Cubs in AA and HF Flying Rebels in A.

The June sequences bring the same situation to 14+ and 12+ teams both. They are once again identical, which has not happened yet in the history of the Indoor Cloud League since the two different leaderboards were created for the different sizes of flying chambers...

Indoor Cloud League May 2019
Rank May 12+ and 14+ H,13,D,12 E,13,2 K,B,19 L,H,D M,K,B M,E Total
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  23 27 19 12 14 23 118
2 iFLY Dallas  US  13 16 15 19 17 25 105
3 iFLY Orlando  US  18 15 14 12 22 19 100
4 Paraclete XP  US  20 18 18 8 16 18 98
5 iFLY Tampa  US  17 17 11 17 13 17 92
6 iFLY Seattle  US  19 22 12 14 18 - 85
7 iFLY SF Bay  US  14 13 13 12 16 16 84

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