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Did You Know...

... that Arizona Skydiving League teams were strong on the A Class leaderboard?

Arizona Skydiving League June Meet
posted Jun 10th, 2019 - The U.S. teams of the Arizona Skydiving League kept up much better with the German teams at the Paranodon Cup on the A Class leaderboard, after the four rounds that all teams completed.

ASL team AZ Defiance had finished in 4th place behind three German AAA Class teams for the best placement. The AAA leaderboard had the combined rankings after five rounds. The wind conditions at Skydive Arizona did not allow additional rounds.

Exit Practice was new on the Arizona Skydiving League leaderboard and tied the German team Connected 4 in 1st place. Both teams had a great start at their first meets.

ASL coach and meet director Eliana Rodriguez said that Exit Practice was comprised of visitors from Colorado (Jim McCormick, Bob Pahl) together with Wombat Combat members Leanne Schwab and Tom Stokes, with Tripp Schwab on camera. After three rounds the teams were tied for 1st place and in the 4th round team Exit Practice took the lead. Eliana Rodriguez said that Colorado regulars Leanne and Tripp Schwab had asked Jim McCormick and Bob Pahl to come out and play: "They ended up winning 1st place in the A Class, along with 10 minutes of tunnel time at Skyventure Arizona."

NSL Meet Weekend June 8th, 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank A Class 21,N 6,D F,K,L B,J,M Q,E,7 O,C,2 A,H,4 8,P G,19 9,N Total Avg
1 Connected 4  DE  9 11 8 7 8 9 10 19 8 - 35 9.9
1 Exit Practice  US  6 5 9 15 9 9 - - - - 35 8.8
3 Eggplant 4.1  US  6 7 7 13 - - - - - - 33 8.3
4 Paranodon Futura  DE  8 8 6 7 6 10 7 16 8 - 29 8.4
5 The New Majority  US  3 6 6 10 - - - - - - 25 6.3
6 4-Fingers  DE  5 6 5 7 6 8 3 11 8 - 23 6.6

Arizona Airspeed player-coach Mikhail Markine
Eggplant 4.1 finished only two points behind Exit Practice and Connected 4 after four rounds. Eggplant has attended all six meets of the Arizona Skydiving League this year, together with AZ Defiance. Result was a new team record average last weekend.

The Eggplant lineup was another new one. Lori Zito is the only team member who has attended all ASL meets this year, together with 13 other 4-way fans. Eliana Rodriguez said that Lori Zito moved from inside center to outside center this time. She hopes that both teams will be back soon and then finish the same number of rounds.

The A Class competition at Skydive Arizona also featured the league's first all-female 4-way team, The New Majority. Eliana Rodriguez introduced the team:

"Even thought these ladies are currently from Arizona and Georgia, they are a very diverse group. Locals Veronica Hayden, Yvonne Owyeong and George Hargis on video were joined by Donna Kim from Georgia, and Kiana Tennison, who currently lives in Arizona and is usually spending her time freeflying. The team had a blast, and their energy was super high! It was great to have them with us!"

Team member Veronica Hayden celebrated her 600th jump last Saturday and was the lucky winner of the Larsen&Brusgaard Raffle, with an Optima II audible altimeter as the prize.

Arizona Skydiving League - June 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 22,13,Q 11,6,E F,K,L,18 20,J,M,15 16,12,7 O,C,17,2 Total Avg
1 AZ Defiance 10    11 -1 14    8 -4 9    12    64 10.7
2 Jerry's Kidz 8    7 -1 8 -1 9 -1 9    9    50 8.3
3 Arizona Windfall 6 -2 8    10    8 -2 9    -    41 8.2
Rank A Class 21,N 6,D F,K,L B,J,M Q,E,7 O,C,2 Total Avg
1 Exit Practice 6    5 -2 9    15    9    9    53 8.8
2 Eggplant 4.1 6    7    7    13    -    -    33 8.3
3 The New Majority 3    6    6    10    -    -    25 6.3
Rank Rookie C,N,A H,D,P F,K,L B,J,M Q,E,G O,C,F Total Avg
1 Postal Bagel Party 1    1    2    6    -    -    10 2.5

Arizona Airspeed meet coach Niklas Hemlin
Eliana Rodriguez had once again the support from her Arizona Skydiving League partner, Ranch 2nd Generation and Paraclete XP8 member Michelle Karamon. She also had Arizona Airspeed members Mikhail Markine and Niklas Hemlin as her event coaches: "They once again donated their time to join us and give these teams all the support they needed for preparing and improving their jumps."

Mikhail Markine was player-coach for Jerry's Kidz, who competed in the AAA Class with the Airspeed guidance. Three team members (Jerry Gleim, Cris Howard, Perry Stone) had still competed in the A Class in February. Now they posted almost exactly the same meet average (8.3 - 8.2) with Mikhail Markine in the AAA Class.

Eliana Rodriguez said that Cris Howard is a former AZ Defiance member, who has joined Jerry's Kidz as outside center: "They beat the AZ Defiance champs in one round and tied them in another. It would be interesting in the AAA Class if they kept this lineup together for future meets."

AZ Defiance still defended the top position easily and won their 5th ASL meet this year, despite bad luck with the camera, as Eliana Rodrihguez explained: "Defiance had a total of five busts, all due to camera angle. Even though they have an excellent videographer, John Lyman, the team lost five points due to the grips being hidden behind big booties, particularly in Block 15."

"We are grateful to Skydive Arizona for the amazing support and for donating two blocks of 10-minute tunnel time at SkyVenture Arizona for the two winning teams. We also like to thank Larsen&Brusgaard foe reaching out to us and support this event and our young teams by donating the Optima II for the raffle."

The next meet of the Arizona Skydiving League is scheduled for July 27th.

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