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Did You Know...

... that the FAI/IPC regulations for changes of representation are still the same?

Roy Janssen: FAI Gold with NMP PCH HayaBusa in Prostejov 2014
posted Jun 8th, 2019 - The NSL News has covered the eligibility rules of the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationals) and its Parachuting Commission (IPC) several times in the past. It happened usually when a prominent Formation Skydiving competitor switched from one national team to another.

The last topic was Roy Janssen's move from competing with NMP PCH HayaBusa for Belgium and then join the Weembi High Rollers to win FAI/IPC medals for France. The NSL News update on 12 February 2017 had provided more details of this situation.

It is an interesting coincidence that Michele Silvi's latest move in a similar way is once again connected to the reigning Belgian indoor and outdoor world champions.

Roy Janssen, HayaBusa's world champion tail of 2014, eventually became eligible for France, and the Weembi High Rollers were sanctioned by the French federation and national coach Mathieu Bernier. Roy Janssen added his first FAI medal for France to his previous Belgian collection, with the 2nd place at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 in Montreal.

He followed up with a gold medal at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018 and then finished 2nd again at the FAI Indoor World Meet this year. Michele Silvi now has his turn in a different direction, as he will join NMP PCH HayaBusa after the FAI World Meet 2020 in Tanya, Russia. The FAI/IPC rules for his eligibility are still the same as they were for Roy Janssen. Change of Representation - First Category Events: If a competitor has represented a country in a First Category Event, that competitor must not represent another country in any First Category Event during the twenty four months, or a longer period as specified by a particular ASC, following the month in which the First Category Event, in which the competitor represented the first country, takes place.

Roy Janssen: FAI Silver with Weembi High Rollers in Montreal 2017
Roy Janssen left NMP PCH HayaBusa after the FAI World Meet 2014 in Prostejov and waited more than the required 24 months before he competed for France at the indoor world meet in Montreal.

Michele Silvi competed for Italy with Amnesya at the last FAI Outdoor World Meet and at the last FAI Indoor World Cup, both in October 2018. He did not come back with Amnesya FlyX for Italy's national indoor championships last week, and his waiting time started running in October last year.

The eligibility rules of the FAI/IPC allow him to compete for Belgium beginning in October 2020, which is according to the plans that NMP PCH HayaBusa announced during the NSL Live Talk on June 3rd. Inside center and original member David Grauwels plans to step back or take the video slot at that time.

In the meantime, Michele Silvi has the same two years to take care of the logistics, which are defined in the FAI/IPC eligibility rules, as well. The residency of a person means the place where a person usually lives for at least 185 days in each calendar year because of personal and occupational ties, or in the case of a person with no occupational ties, because of personal ties which show close links between that person and the place where he or she is living. The residency of a person is proved by an identification document stating his residence and issued by or on behalf of the government of the country concerned or by a sworn statement signed by the NAC President. This document shall be in English and, if not, it must be accompanied by an official English translation.

Michele Silvi: FAI Bronze with Amnesya in Bahrain 2018
Michelle Silvi lives in Italy and has to move to Belgium, where he has to reside for at least 185 days. This requirement was more critical for Roy Janssen's situation. Michele Silvi has already finalized his plans to join the Belgian military forces, which leaves him no other option than living in Belgium.

The additional logistical FAI/IPC requirements will be no obstacle for him. He will eventually even compete for Belgium at the military CISM world championships, as well. In fact, the requirements to become a Belgian soldier are probably much stricter than the two paragraphs in the FAI/IPC rules.

Michele Silvi passed the language test with the NSL News already. He shares with Roy Janssen that both had to learn the French language, and Michele Silvi had his interviews with the Belgian military recruiters in French.

His future team mates said that they will also teach him the Flemish language, which is specific for the part of Belgium where NMP PCH HayaBusa is at home. He can give back a few words in Italian in return. Ciao...

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