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Did You Know...

... that HF Cubs catch up with HF Flying Circus?

4-way Junior world champions: HF Cubs at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019
posted Jun 3rd, 2019 - It was actually only a matter of time when it would happen.

HF Flying Circus and HF Cubs shared the same leaderboard for the first time when the 4-way Junior team moved up into the AAA Class, at least for training purposes and competition experiences. It was the November meet of the World Tunnel League 2018 at the Hurricane Factory when the young Czech ladies took on their first ten AAA Class sequences.

The HF Cubs won their first AAA Class round with a typical AA Class/4-way Junior sequence (G,15,14) at their first meet in this category. The new Czech AAA Class indoor duel has continued each month ever since, and the HF Cubs have increased their scoring and performance level consistently.

In the meantime, they also went back to AA/4-way Junior competition and won the indoor world championship title for the Czech Republic at the FAI Indoor World Meet. HF Flying Circus finished in the Top 10 of the AAA/Open Class competition at the same event.

Hurricane Factory - MayAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams H,13,D,12 E,13,2 K,B,19 L,H,D M,K,B M,ETotal
HF Flying Circus2323----23
HF Cubs2327----27
M Team151419----
HF Flying Rebels-1719---19
HF Dragonflies-1619----
HF Flying Chameleons-101312--12
High Five--15----
4 V Tunelu--15----

Hurricane Factory's Best of May232719121423118

10th place at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019: HF Flying Circus
HF Flying Circus and HF Cubs both also compete for the Hurricane Factory at the Indoor Cloud League events every month, and they have been reliable point-getters for the Czech ICL delegation on a regular basis.

However, the same duel is also taking place in a different way on the internal Czech ICL leaderboards. Only each ICL team's highest scores in each category appear on the monthly leaderboards, which do not show the details of the internal competition for the highest scores. Only the NSL News updates usually offer insights and more details of the participating ICL teams and the related events.

HF Flying Circus had naturally a significant head start when the ICL duel with HF Cubs began with only AA Class sequences in September 2016. That was the first month for HF Cubs with AA Class sequences at Indoor Cloud League events in the Hurricane Factory. The AA Class sequences became the main focus for HF Cubs in their preparations for the 4-way Junior competition at FAI/IPC events, and they moved closer to the scores of the best Czech 4-way senior teams.

The early move up onto the AAA Class leaderboard in November 2018 finally brought HF Cubs and HF Flying Circus together in the race for the highest AAA Class scores on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboards, as well.

Indoor Cloud League 2019
January February March April May Total Avg
Rank AAA Class E,8,Q,3 Q,6,8 J,1,A,16 F,1,13 C,19,N,17 O,19,7 G,20,O,10 N,21,20 H,13,D,12 E,13,2 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus 24 24 25 24 25 27 24 22 23 23 241 24.1
2 HF Cubs 19 19 19 24 20 27 23 22 23 27 223 22.3

Start of the 4-way outdoor season 2019: HF Flying Circus and M Team
HF Cubs were able to win a round here and there at the monthly World Tunnel League meets at the Hurricane Factory, while HF Flying Circus still maintained a comfortable distance to the new Czech 4-way Women team, and the monthly scores for the Indoor Cloud League leaderboards copied the situation in the earlier months of the 2019 season.

However, HF Cubs eventually tied two of HF Flying Circus' AA Class highscores in February, March and April, probably as a result of their intensive preparations for the 4-way Junior competition at Weembi Lille. HF Flying Circus still maintained the upper hand for the AAA Class sequences.

The head start of the senior team has almost completely diminished by now, even though HF Flying Circus have continued to lift their performance and scoring level, as well. The May competition of the Indoor Cloud League was the first time that HF Cubs won the AA Class sequence of the Czech indoor duel. It was also the first time that the new 4-way Women team, still with three 4-way juniors in the lineup, matched the highscore for the AAA Class sequence.

It will not become easier for HF Flying Circus to hold off the charging young ladies, who are still too young to jump from planes. They can exclusively focus on indoor training and competition for now, while the outdoor season has begun for the senior team. The Indoor Cloud League events will still bring both teams together at the Hurricane Factory...

Teams H,13,D,12 E,13,2 K,B,19 L,H,D M,K,B M,ETotal
Donaldo Grajeda, Lacey Breaux, Michael Erickson, Zach Breaux1316----29
Aaron Perkins, Keith Eaton, Scott Kucel, Lucas King--1519--34
Amanda Hart, Arpit Tyagi, Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg----17-17
Aaron Shoulders, Donaldo Grajeda, Michael Erickson, Will Schmitt-----2525

iFLY Dallas Best of May131615191725105

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