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Did You Know...

... that NMP PCH HayaBusa benefit from a happy support team?

3rd FAI indoor gold medals at Weembi Lille 2019
posted May 15th, 2019 - The transition from indoor to outdoor competition was much easier for NMP PCH HayaBusa than the other way around in October last year. There was no immediate high-profile competition scheduled shortly after the conclusion of the 2018/19 indoor season at the FAI Indoor World Meet in Lille.

Last year, several national 4-way teams had to switch from outdoor competition at the FAI World Meet in Australia to indoor competition at the FAI World Cup in Bahrain within two weeks, including NFTO and NMP PCH HayaBusa.

It is a much easier situation at the beginning of the outdoor season, as the major events are scheduled later in the calendar year. Teams have enough time for their outdoor training and competition practice at smaller meets before facing more pressure again at national and international championships.

The NSL News recorded a live interview with British team NFTO from the team's first outdoor training camp in Empuriabrava in Spain yesterday. NFTO mentioned that they were sharing coach Gary Smith with NMP PCH HayaBusa, who had their own training camp scheduled at the same place and time. The Belgian 4-way world champions were available for a new NSL Live Talk, as well, which was recorded the day after the NFTO interview.

NSL Live Talk with NMP PCH HayaBusa on 15 May 2019

1st FAI indoor gold medals at Hurricane Factory 2015
The topic of the new NSL Live Talk with NMP PCH HayaBusa was a very different one this time. Most of the athletic topics of the most recent events have been covered by the NSL News in the traditional aftermath. However, the secrets of the ongoing Belgian success story are touching many other areas, as well.

NMP PCH HayaBusa have now won three consecutive FAI outdoor world championship titles (2014 - 2016 - 2018) and the same number of FAI indoor gold medals (2015 - 2017 - 2019). Talent and enough training alone could probably not explain this unprecedented success, and there is also not a lack of serious opponents.

The new NSL Live Talk took the conversation into a different area of competitive team sports, the private and personal parts in the lives of the athletes in their training and competition environment, and the group dynamics.

The NSL News has pointed out randomly and regularly family relationships in any 4-way and 8-way teams. It is well known that the HayaBusa lineup includes brothers David and Andy Grauwels, who are in fact the two standing team founders.

Happy extended HayaBusa family
3rd FAI outdoor gold medals in Australia 2018
Their father Alex Grauwels has been introduced to the audience, as well, sometimes together with Paul Praet, father of HayaBusa's point Dennis Praet. Both are regulars at the high-profile competitions of their sons.

However, the HayaBusa support team includes the whole group of immediate family members, who allow the actual team members to do what they do without too many obstacles in this area. David Grauwels' girl-friend is expecting, and he will also become a father this summer. Andy Grauwels' wife Nana Lopez joins the father-duo once in a while and was at Weembi Lille for the indoor world meet.

Jeroen "Bob" Nollet is married and has two daughters (4 and 6) who made their own T-shirts in support of their father at the world meet. Last and not least, Dennis Praet just moved together into a new house with his future wife Clementine Le Bohec. The preparations for the wedding in September are at the beginning stage.

The four team members' families and the complete immediate and extended HayaBusa family provide an environment that is obviously very helpful for a world champion agenda in any sport. Dennis Praet, Jeroen Nollet, David and Andy Grauwels are fully aware of this situation and do their best to maintain it on their end. There is also a 5th member who fits perfectly into the HayaBusa family. Videographer Luc Van Britsom joined the conversation literally in the last minute...

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