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Did You Know...

... that new Czech 4-way junior teams have joined the Indoor Cloud League?

Winner at the Coupe de France 2019 indoor meet and French 2019 indoor bronze medalist in 4-way Open: Aerokart Ak'demie
posted Mar 29th, 2019 - The Czech teams were the first ones this month to post Indoor Cloud League scores for March. The three technical sequences were different again between the 12+ and 14+ flying chambers, after an identical month of February with all ICL teams on the same leaderboard.

The NSL News pointed out earlier that the best 4-way Junior teams in the world are already training and competing with the AAA Class dive pool and rules, while they still perform AA sequences in the 4-way Junior events at FAI/IPC events. The Czech HF Cubs are one of the teams who have been doing this for a while.

The best 4-way Junior teams in the world, Aerokart Ak'demie and HF Cubs, are not only winning the AA Class medals at the FAI/IPC events and use other meets to compete in the AAA Class. They are also threatening the senior teams in the AAA Class seriously. The French 4-way Junior team won the AAA/Open Class bronze medals at the national indoor championships earlier this month, and the HF Cubs begin challenging the Czech national team in 4-way Open, HF Flying Circus.

They placed 3rd at the February meet of the World Tunnel League and won two rounds over HF Flying Circus, tying two more. This month, the all-female junior team placed 2nd, won three rounds, tied another one and reduced the difference after all ten rounds to nine points.

World Tunnel League February 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 18,G,14 6,9,F A,3,15 N,16,1 7,M,5 17,C,E,13 Q,J,K,10 20,H,2 B,4,8 19,22,12 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus 20 30 21 23 30 22 25 22 21 17 231 23.1
2 HF Chicks 18 29 22 19 29 23 23 20 19 15 217 21.7
3 HF Cubs 19 22 23 21 29 23 18 22 20 17 214 21.4
World Tunnel League March 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class M,P,Q,G,21 1,11,K 17,16,H N,L,D,6 13,18,3 E,J,14,5 2,F,12 15,C,B,19 22,10,8 9,20,A Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus 29 23 25 29 18 26 19 22 17 26 234 23.4
2 HF Cubs 30 21 23 29 19 24 15 20 15 29 225 22.5
3 HF Chicks 28 20 23 27 17 17 15 21 14 26 208 20.8
Czech 4-way juniors in 2016
The HF Cubs have also begun to contribute to the monthly Czech Indoor Cloud League total with scores for AAA and AA sequences, which used to be only HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Boys territory. The junior team added scores at the beginning only for the Rookie Class sequences and then for the A Class.

They started to take on AA sequences in 2016 while contributing A Class scores and were done with this category when they voluntarily opted out of the A Class and focused only on AA and AAA sequences last year, even though the A Class sequences of the Indoor Cloud League could be drawn at any FAI/IPC 4-way Junior competition.

The HF Cubs did not post any highscores for the Czech ICL team after retiring from the A Class at the beginning of 2018. However, they kept moving closer to the highscores that HF Flying Circus was posting monthly for the two AAA and AA sequences.

The February competition of the Indoor Cloud League was then the first time that the HF Cubs tied the 24-pointer for the AA sequence (F,1,13) that HF Flying Circus posted for the Hurricane Factory. Now they followed up with another tied AA Class highscore for March (O,19,7), while HF Flying Circus still controls the AAA Class sequences.

Hurricane Factory - MarchAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
HF Flying Circus2527----25
HF Cubs2027----27
M Team171722----
Ladies and Gentlemants-1718----
HF Flying Rebels-192332--55
HF Dragonflies-182230---
HF Flying Chameleons-121119---
HF Junior Green----1215-
HF Junior Red----87-

Hurricane Factory's Best of March252723321518140

4-way juniors in training at the Hurricane Factory
Jan Klapka posted the video of the AA Class performance by the HF Cubs this time, as both teams finished with 27-pointers in March, and HF Flying Circus presents the 25 points for the next slot-switching AAA sequence.

He followed up on another plan that he created when it became clear that he would soon run out of eligible participants for the Rookie Class sequences. The NSL News reported earlier that Jan Klapka was preparing a new group of 4-way juniors for their participation at the Indoor Cloud League events and then 4-way competition in general.

The new internal Czech leaderboard for the ICL March competition is now showing a total of seven junior teams, beginning with the national team HF Cubs. HF Flying Rebels, HF Dragonflies and HF Chameleons have been on ICL and WTL leaderboards for a while, Rusalky and teams Green and Red are new 4-way junior lineups.

Jan Klapka had said that he was hoping to have the new juniors ready in April, and the first one of the new teams (Rusalky) has now posted the first score for one of the Rookie Class March sequences. Jan Klapka is ahead of his own program schedule...

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