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Did You Know...

... that the Arizona Skydiving League 2019 is gaining momentum before the ASL/SCSL showdown in April?

ASL March Meet last weekend in Eloy
posted Mar 26th, 2019 - It is not really a big surprise that the comeback of the Arizona Skydiving League is gaining momentum meet by meet.

One of the major reasons is the free world class coaching that the participating teams and competitors can enjoy at the meets in Eloy.

Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon have been managing the events and providing their 4-way knowledge and expertise at the first three events of the 2019 season. However, other world class competitors and coaches have been joining the meets and adding to the 4-way experience of the participating teams.

Arizona Airspeed member Mikhail Markine was helping at the first meet that four teams attended, and he was also jumping with Rookie Class team It'll Be Fine. Craig Girard was in town at the time of the February competition with five teams and joined the coaching, judging and managing team. Last and not least, Airspeed videographer David French was filming A Class team Jerry's Kidz.

Arizona Skydiving League - March 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 9,17,11 E,12,2 22,18,13 C,8,N,7 14,G,A,19 D,J,H,M,Q Total Avg
1 AZ Crime ASL 12    11    9    10 -1 10 -1 23    75 12.5
2 AZ Defiance ASL 7 -1 11    7 -1 13    10    18 -4 66 11.0
3 Wombat Combat ASL 9    9    8    11    7    12 -4 56 9.3
AZ Crime - AZ Defiance - Wombat Combat at the March meet of the Arizona Skydiving League
Katrina Shows - Michelle Karamon - Eliana Rodriguez - Mikhail Markine - Niklas Hemlin
Word of the world class coaching and meet experience at Skydive Arizona obviously spread quickly, as the ASL March Meet attracted seven teams to Eloy last weekend. It was a good time to join the Arizona Skydiving League, as the coaching staff was once again on a world class level.

This time, it was Arizona Airspeed captain Niklas Hemlin who took the time to support the ASL meet, and Mikhail Markine was back, as well. Even that was not the end of the coaching services yet. Spaceland Lite and XPG4 member Katrina Shows was in town for some extra training with her XPG4 team mate Michelle Karamon and Airspeed members in preparation for the upcoming competition at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019. Michelle Karamon, Katrina Shows, Morgan Womble and Jeana Billings will compete for the U.S. delegation in 4-way Women next month at Weembi Lille in France. Katrina Shows was also helping with the teams' preparations and the judging.

Mikhail Markine staid on the ground this time and helped all teams, while Niklas Hemlim was jumping with Perry's Pals and coaching AZ Crime. He has been working with AZ Crime on a regular basis.

Axis Flight School owners Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel both competed with Wombat Combat, who will also be at the USPA Nationals this year. Former national 4-way Women team member Brianne Thompson is player-coaching the team, and Niklas Daniel is once again filming her and Wombat Combat this time.

Arizona Skydiving League - March 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AA Class 9,11 E,13,2 22,18 C,8,N 14,G,A D,J,H,M Total Avg
1 Perry's Pals ASL 9    9    8    8 -1 8 -1 12 -2 54 9.0
Rank A Class 9,N E,2 M,4 C,8 G,A,O D,J,H Total Avg
1 JR Squid Squad ASL 9 -1 8    6 -1 7    9    9 -1 48 8.0
2 Eggplant ASL 8    7    7 -1 1 -3 8    6    37 6.2
Rank Rookie N,F,D E,P,J M,B,K C,L,Q G,A,O D,J,H Total Avg
1 It'll Be Fine ASL 3    4    5    3    1    -    16 3.2
World champions together with Arizona Airspeed in 2012: Josh Hall (left) and Niklas Hemlin (3rd from left)
Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon also pointed out that JR Squid Squad member Veronica Hayden celebrated her 500th jump in Round 6 and wrapped up the ASL March Meet: "We can't say thank you enough to Skydive Arizona and our awesome guest coaches Mikhail Markine, Niklas Hemlin, and Katrina Autry Shows for contributing to such a great day."

The next ASL meet on April 13th offers even more excitement for the ASL teams. The Southern California Skydiving League is launching its 2019 season at Skydive Elsinore, and another 4-way world champion will join the ASL/NCSL competition. Josh Hall was Niklas Hemlin's team mate when Arizona Airspeed won the FAI World Meet 2012 in Dubai by one point over NMP PCH HayaBusa, and he is now operating the hosting drop zone of the first SCSL 2019 meet.

Traditionally, both meets will use the synchronized NSL draw for the meet weekend and post their scores on the combined leaderboard for the two meets in Eloy and Elsinore.

Eliana Rodriguez will probably not be able to offer Arizona Airspeed coaching for the Arizona vs. Southern California showdown, as the U.S. national 4-way team will first compete at the World Challenge, followed by the FAI Indoor World Meet a week later. Michelle Karamon competes only at the indoor meet and might be available before heading to Europe...

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