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Did You Know...

... that the Czech 4-way junior project will need new rookies soon?

HF Cubs in 2015
posted Dec 19th, 2018 - The 4-way junior indoor project at the Hurricane Factory in Prague, Czech Republic, was launched by Jan Klapka in 2015. HF Junior Cubs and HF Junior Flies completed their first 4-way competition with the start of the Czech indoor winter season in September 2015.

Three years later, the HF Cubs are one of the best AA Class teams in the world, while they have already moved up into the AAA Class world at events of the World Tunnel League on their home turf at the Hurricane Factory. The December competition was the second AAA Class meet for two of the team members who joined forces with two Bad Boys.

Three other 4-way junior teams are currently training and competing in Jan Klapka's youth program, while more young new fliers are getting ready to learn 4-way competition and team dynamics. The 2015 start of the program with the Cubs and the Flies has grown and is now a playground for the four teams who are posting their scores on 4-way leaderboards regularly.

The NSL News mentioned earlier that Jan Klapka has been preparing the three other teams (Flying Rebels - Dragonflies - Chameleons) for the official FAI/IPC 4-way Junior event by sending them up into the AA Class competition even earlier than originally planned.

World Tunnel League December 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AA Class B,E,G,N 15,J,7 9,18 C,H,M,L 14,Q,11 6,21 A,P,F,20 K,D,22 1,4 19,O,8 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Rebels 21 19 16 24 14 14 21 15 12 13 169 16.9
2 HF Dragonflies 22 16 15 31 12 13 19 12 11 14 165 16.5
3 Ladies&Gentlemen 19 12 12 27 11 12 15 11 10 13 142 14.2
4 Mimozemky 17 8 11 21 10 12 14 12 9 10 124 12.4
5 HF Chameleons 4 9 9 11 8 9 10 9 7 6 82 8.2
HF Flying Rebels - HF Dragonflies - HF Chameleons at the WTL/ETL December meet
HF Flies in 2015
The next step into the AA Class was no surprise for the HF Flying Rebels who attended seven meets in the A Class since November 2017. Last month's WTL/ETL meet at the Hurricane Factory was the first time that the Rebels performed ten meet rounds (12.7) with AA Class sequences.

Four weeks later, the Rebels improved the 12.7 November average to 16.9 and won the AA Class competition in Prague. This is an even better start into the AA Class competition compared to the HF Cubs, who are currently the third best team in the world after winning the bronze medals at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018 with a 27.3 average. The HF Cubs had posted a 15.8 average at the WTL/ETL meet in November 2016, the team's second meet in the AA Class.

Jan Klapka is obviously preparing the next 4-way junior team for FAI/IPC medal level, and the HF Flying Rebels are not alone with their promising start into the AA Class.

The HF Dragonflies are another all-female junior team who made an even bigger step in November. They competed in the Rookie Class in their first year and completed five 10-round meets between December 2017 and April 2018. Then they skipped the A Class and attended their first AA Class meet (13.1) last month.

Hurricane Factory - Indoor Cloud League November 2018AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
4-way Junior Teams: YellowL,4,B,16E,4,14 P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,ETotal
HF Flying Circus2320----43
HF Chicks2018-----
HF Cubs2019-----
HF Flying Rebels-131918253143
HF Dragonflies-121915153025
M Team-1228---28
HF Flying Chameleons--11101121-

Hurricane Factory's Best of November232028182525139

HF Chameleons at the WTL/ETL December meet
The HF Dragonflies also traveled with the Czech delegation to the Netherlands for the ISR Grand Prix 2018 and collected their first international experiences at the same meet, where the HF Cubs won the AA Class competition far ahead of all other senior and junior teams.

Then it took not even four weeks until the Dragonflies were back in their home chamber and were up on the same performance level as the Flying Rebels. Both junior teams had an exciting 10-round battle for the AA Class top spot in the home chamber. Jan Klapka has now created a perfect situation, where two of the junior teams will keep pushing each other to higher performance levels, and they even have the HF Cubs role models showing the way to FAI/IPC medals.

This is still not the end of the current Czech 4-way junior story. There are also the HF Chameleons, who have their own history. The youngest of the three 4-way junior teams started together with the HF Flying Rebels in November 2017 in the A Class. They attended six of the seven meets and then joined all other Czech junior teams on the AA Class leaderboard.

The HF Cubs juniors have grown out of Rookie and A Class competition long ago, while Flying Rebels, Dragonflies and Chameleons are still eligible for a few more scores in these categories on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard. However, Jan Klapka will have to look for new ICL Rookies very soon...

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