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Did You Know...

... that it's still a 6-point difference between Hurricane Factory and Paraclete XP?

Paraclete XP's AAA/AA lineup in November
posted Dec 3rd, 2018 - The Indoor Cloud League update on November 5th presented an exciting situation after the conclusion of the October competition. The Czech teams at the Hurricane Factory had come out of their summer hole and won the second consecutive month over the Paraclete XP team.

The difference for the year was down to six points, while Paraclete XP still had the lead. The difference between the two Indoor Cloud League powerhouses is still at six points at the end of November (1316 - 1310). However, the Hurricane Factory won the November competition by 12 points, and the 6-point advantage is now on the Czech side.

Paraclete XP had the lead for the first three months of the year before the Czech teams took control and kept it until the summer's outdoor season began. It was at the end of July when the Hurricane Factory had the last lead in 2018, and the tables were turning once again in August. Paraclete took back the lead and maintained it throughout October.

Hurricane Factory and Paraclete XP, in the team's first Indoor Cloud League season last year, were separated by 85 points at the end of November 2017. Paraclete XP won the December competition by 27 points, which could only reduce the distance by then, and the Czech teams won the 4th consecutive ICL title.

Indoor Cloud League 2018JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ1281201391441431246076116127139-1316
2Paraclete XPUS1281251481261169093133115109127-1310
3iFLY SeattleUS1148911511110411312484101107105-1167
4iFLY TampaUS83107121111108951061148198122-1146
5iFLY DallasUS988244886489------465
HF Flying Circus at the ISR Grand Prix 2018
This year, a 27-point advantage in December would be more than enough for Paraclete XP to win the Indoor Cloud League competition for the first time. The 6-point difference for the totals of over 1300 points (1316 - 1310) is probably even closer than a 1-point difference in a traditional Formation Skydiving competition over ten rounds. December is like a tie-breaker between the two ICL teams.

Jan Klapka had mobilized almost all of his Czech 4-way teams for the November competition, even though his own Bad Boys and High Five were still missing. All nine teams who took on the ICL November sequences had attended the Czech World Tunnel League competition last month and were well prepared.

HF Flying Circus, HF Cubs and HF Dragonflies also competed at the ISR Grand Prix 2018 in November and brought home a set of gold (HF Cubs in AA) and bronze (HF Flying Circus in AAA) medals.

The Czech leaderboard is showing that eight of the nine teams are now performing AA Class sequences, including three of the four 4-way Junior teams (HF Cubs, HF Flying Rebels, HF Dragonflies). Only the youngest HF Flying Chameleons are still playing in all Rookie Class categories and in the A Class.

Hurricane Factory - NovemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsL,4,B,16E,4,14 P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,ETotal
HF Flying Circus2320----43
HF Chicks2018-----
HF Cubs2019-----
HF Flying Rebels-131918253143
HF Dragonflies-121915153025
M Team-1228---28
HF Flying Chameleons--11101121-

Hurricane Factory's Best of November232028182525139

Paraclete XP - NovemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsL,4,B,16 E,4,14 P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,ETotal
Drew Starr, Michelle Karamon, Morgan Womble, Jess Haugaard2020----40
Chris Webb, Dee Caminiti, Dom Perry, Drew Starr--29---29
Michael Connors, Joey Baker, Geoff Bloom, Michelle Karamon---17(-1)--17
Lisa Varner Steuck, Bubba Brunson, Terry McCray, Michelle Karamon----16-16
Michael Connors, Joey Baker, Geoff Bloom, Michelle Karamon-----2525

Paraclete XP's Best of November202029171625127

HF Dragonflies at the ISR Grand Prix 2018
Paraclete XP has a different approach to the Indoor Cloud League competition and offers the 4-way indoor experience with world class player coaches to as many different participants as possible.

Once again, Golden Knights 8-way world champion and new team captain Drew Starr performed the AAA and AA Class sequences together with Ranch 2nd Generation's Michelle Karamon, Phoenix XP member Morgan Womble and Jessica Haugaard. He was also in a second lineup as a player coach for the A Class sequence.

Michelle Karamon had the busiest time on her visit from Arizona. She was in four of the five lineups and missed only the A Class sequence. ICL organizers Morgan Womble and Jessica Haugaard introduced 4-way training and ICL competition once again to several new participants.

The Czech teams claimed four of the six highscores and maxed out in the two capped Rookie Class categories (R - RR) with 25 points. HF Flying Circus won the AAA Class with an impressive 23-pointer. Paraclete XP won the A Class and tied the Czech scores in two more categories (AA - R). The December sequences are posted, and the 6-point game is on...

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