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Did You Know...

... that there is a link between Indoor Cloud League September competition and FAI World Meet?

Indoor Cliud League team at iFLY Sacramento
posted Oct 19th, 2018 - Indoor Cloud League and World Tunnel League events continued while the NSL News paid most of the attention to the FAI World Meet 2018 with previews and the live coverage from Australia.

The aftermath of the most relevant event in Formation Skydiving competition will still continue for a while, as the best teams in the world and the national teams of many countries create a lot of content and information for news updates when they get together every other year.

However, the world championships are only an arena for one team representing each participating country, while there is a pyramid of other teams with competitors who may be trying to get to a world meet one day. There are still several other international high-profile events, such as the World Challenge or the ESL Championship, offering similar experiences for teams and competitors who are not officially sanctioned by their federations.

Behind the top level competition, the other high-profile events and the national championships and league events is the level where new teams and competitors meet each other, begin with 4-way training and eventually collect their first competition experiences. The Indoor Cloud League events offer activities on this level, with training and casual competition practice both.

iFLY SF Bay - SeptemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsC,18,Q,5 O,18,7 J,K,21 J,C,Q M,J,K M,OTotal
Mahlon Chute, Lukasz Weber, Maria Sheets, Jim Hopf912----21
Michael Beaudreau, Mark Fosbury, Achal Asawa, Deanna Frank--12---12
Kiran Shivaram, Mika Miettinen, Alan Snyder, Julius Frank--1122--22
Cameron Mrsny, Slavik Krassovsky, Julius Frank, Deanna Frank----142034

iFLY SF Bay's Best of September9121222142089

iFLY Sacramento - SeptemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsC,18,Q,5 O,18,7 J,K,21 J,C,Q M,J,K M,OTotal
Nick Armstrong, Lisa Larkin, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor1216----28
Jim Hopf, Amanda Lum, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor812-----
John Verley, Ron Ashcraft, Calli Waltrip, Lisa Larkin-1213---13
Lauren Brown, McKenzie Brown, Monty Stephens, Russ Hebert--1116--16
Reed Lawson, Keith Clayton, Bo Stevens, Matt Stephens--1112---
Ariadna Romero, Antar Gutierrez, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor----212445

iFLY Sacramento's Best of September121613162124102

Pedro Ushizima with Brazil's 8-way team in Australia
The September competition of the Indoor Cloud League brought back together the same teams on the 12+ leaderboard that have posted scores and videos throughout the 2018 season. The iFLY Sacramento team won the September competition and added 13 points to the 2018 lead over iFLY SF Bay (960 - 903).

There was in fact one competitor who posted scores on the September leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League and also made the trip to Australia.

Pedro Ushizima has been training and competing with Harpia from Brazil who perform the 12+ sequences regularly at iFLY Sao Paulo. Harpia is an indoor 4-way team, while Pedro Ushizima has also been jumping from planes for a very long time, as the NSL News mentioned on 18 December 2017.

He competed for Brazil in 8-way at the FAI World Meet 2018, while his former team CTR Optimum represented the country in 4-way Open. Brazil's 8-way team finished with the first 10+ average in the country's Formation Skydiving history. Pedro Ushizima will switch back to indoor training and competition with Harpia, although the team may miss the ICL October competition due to the long world meet break...

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