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Did You Know...

... that original Perris Fury members Christy Frikken and Josh Hall battled last weekend in Elsinore?

Original Perris Fury lineup in 2006
posted Aug 21st, 2018 - Last weekend's 4-way meets brought together AAA Class teams from three different locations. Four teams competed at Skydive Perris (Southerm California), while Seattle Swift (Northwest) and SDC Jetstream Tango XP (Midwest) performed their six rounds on their own home turf at the respective league meets this month.

In fact, Seattle Swift and SDC Jetstream XP both completed more than only the six meet rounds for additional competition practice. Seattle Swift made it through Round 9 last weekend, and Jetstream Tango went beyond the ten rounds and posted even a scoring number for the extra round.

However, the adjusted leaderboard with all teams is showing the rankings after Round 6, which was completed by all AAA Class teams last weekend. There is a difference between both leaderboards, as Seattle Swift's 6-round average is higher than it was after Round 9. The difference was enough to finish two points ahead of Elsinore Elevate after Round 6.

The three teams on the top of the AAA Class leaderboard had an exciting battle with each other, as the highscores for the single rounds indicate. Elsinore Elevate won two rounds (3 and 4) and tied the Perris 4ce highscore in Round 6, while Seattle Swift had only one tie in Round 2. Elsinore Elevate had a slow start and was too far behind, even though the home team had the highest total for rounds 3 to 6.

August 18th, 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 19,A,N,G 11,21,14 C,H,O,F,6 3,7,16 17,D,20 M,B,5,1 Total Avg
1 Perris 4ce SCSL 17 13 19 12 16 17 94 15.7
2 Seattle Swift NWSL 15 13 20 13 14 14 89 14.8
3 Elsinore Elevate SCSL 10 11 21 15 13 17 87 14.5
4 Section Four SCSL 11 9 15 11 10 11 67 11.2
5 Event Horizon SCSL 10 10 13 7 9 12 61 10.2
6 SDC Jetstream Tango XP MWSL 7 7 13 8 8 10 53 8.8

10-year anniversary reunion at Paraclete 2016
It was the second meet for Elsinore Elevate this year, and the NSL News mentioned in the update on 6 July 2018 that the Elevate lineup includes former Arizona Airspeed member and 4-way world champion of 2012, Josh Hall.

Last weekend's meet on his former home turf in Perris became even more interesting when he visited his former Perris Fury team mate Christy Frikken and her team, Perris 4ce, on their home turf.

Christy Frikken and Josh Hall were front piece partners for Perris Fury when the world class team challenged Arizona Airspeed for the U.S. top spot, together with Chris Farina and Uli Stuwe. Josh Hall left Perris Fury after the USPA Nationals 2010 to join Arizona Airspeed, and Christy Frikken continued for one more year before Perris Fury eventually disbanded. Christy Frikken and Chris Farina then trained and competed with SDC Rhythm XP before Chris Farina joined Airspeed, as well.

The original Perris Fury lineup had a reunion at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2016 and continued to go their own ways after that. They still meet here and there as player coaches with their current teams at different events, as Christy Frikken and Josh Hall did last weekend. Christy Frikken had the upper hand this time...

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