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Did You Know...

... that Velocitas may follow the Valkyria path for Denmark in 4-way Women?

AAA Class awards at the Danish Nationals 2018
posted Jul 31st, 2018 - Two of the four Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finland) are finishing off their 2018 outdoor season with the national championships this week, and Denmark was the first one with the last outdoor leaderboard of the year.

Pangaea has won all outdoor meets in Denmark since 2016, and nothing changed this year, even though there were two other teams in the AAA Class competition. Two former members of the VAF Warriors (John Pedersen, Martin Soeby Mikkelsen), who had dominated 4-way competition in Denmark before Pangaea, tried to offer at least some opposition with former Sky Riders member Stefan Olsen and Morten Krogh. It was not enough to challenge Pangaea seriously.

It was the same Pangaea lineup that had competed at the Danish Indoor Nationals 2017, where the VAF Warriors had a reunion and maintained their nationally undefeated status after an exciting 10-round battle with the same Pangaea lineup that won the Danish outdoor title again this year. Anders Krabbenhøft on camera defended his title successfully, as well.

However, he will have a new camera job next year with Velocitas, who attended the team's second outdoor competition at this year's national championships. He was filming Valkyria, Denmark's national team in 4-way Women at the FAI Mondial 2016, which was the last meet for the team.

Danish Outdoor Nationals 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class A,20,21 17,19,B 18,P,2 M,O,7,22 1,12,J F,5,L,6 Total Avg
1 Pangaea All Stars 14    17    14    17    12    16 -1 90 15.0
2 CISM Denmark 11 -2 13    10 -1 14 -1 7 -2 11    66 11.0
3 Velocitas 7 -2 11    9 -1 12 -1 8    10 -1 57 9.5
Rank A Class M,19 9,C J,21 G,L,D Q,H,F N,K,E Total Avg
1 Sky4LL 7 -1 3    4 -1 6    7    10    37 6.2
2 FourDK 4    2    5    3    7    3 -2 24 4.0
3 Ninja Turtles 4    4    4    0    0    4    16 2.7
4 Zero Gravity Squad 0    0    0    0    0    0    0 0.0
Danish Outdoor Nationals 2018
Valkyria members Ditte Bailey Winther and Mie Jusjong decided to continue with a team in 4-way Women and recruited Lina Knuth-Winterfeldt and Stefanie Skalborg Andersen for a new lineup and the Velocitas 4-way team.

Velocitas did not need Anders Krabbenhøft for the first meet that the team attended, the Danish Indoor Nationals 2017. He was also neither on the Velocitas camera at the annual DFU Cup earlier this year nor at the national outdoor championships where he was filming the Pangaea All Stars. Michel Christensen was the videographer for Velocitas at the team's first two outdoor meets, and Anders Krabbenhøft will take over in 2019. VAF Warriors member Martin Søeby Mikkelsen is coaching Velocitas.

The new Velocitas members have trained and competed with other Danish 4-way teams before. Stefanie Skalborg Andersen was a Sky Riders member, together with Stefan Olsen who was in the CISM Danmark lineup at the national championships. They had trained and competed together for two years before they faced each other in two different AAA Class teams this year.

Stefanie Skalborg Andersen and Stefan Olsen both moved up from the A Class at the end of the 2016 season and collected their first AAA Class experiences last year.

Danish Indoor Nationals 2017
RankAAA ClassM,C,8,415,12,FD,10,14J,L,17,6A,7,922,20,16G,B,18,11H,21,53,E,O,19K,2,Q,PTotalAvg
1VAF Warriors2118192327152121212320920.9
RankA Class4,AJ,F,ME,212,8D,7Q,K,BP,919,6H,C,LG,N,OTotalAvg
1Frodo and Friends123512914181410131114814.8
3Vi Bruger Strøm922118713136111211211.2
4Space Monkey Mafia4188481095105818.1
5Den er Vindskæv41063666581555.5
Valkyria for Denmark at the FAI Mondial 2016
Lina Knuth-Winterfeldt in the point slot is the youngest 4-way competitor in the Velocitas lineup. She has only the Danish Outdoor Nationals 2017 in her personal records, where she competed with PENTA in the A Class.

Her team won the national A Class title, and she connected with her future Velocitas team mate Mie Jusjong, who bridged the year after the world meet with Valkyria by forwarding her AAA Class experiences to the PENTA A Class competitors. They were even front piece partners for PENTA. Now they are separated, as Lina Knuth-Winterfeldt is back in her new front piece slot (point) after an outside center year with PENTA. Mie Jusjong has taken the tail slot for Velocitas.

Sky4LL benefited from the personnel changes in the A Class lineups and came back with the same lineup to win this year's A Class championship, with Stefan Rosenberg as a new team videographer.

Velocitas are now planning for the 2019 season. Unfortunately, Ditte Bailey Winther will be out of the country and out of Europe from September to March, and Velocitas have to find a way how to plan the training camps around that. The team has not mentioned the 2020 season yet; however, a new team could represent Denmark in 4-way Women at the next world meet in Tanay, Russia...

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