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Did You Know...

... that the Florida Skydiving League has posted scores on the Indoor Cloud League 12+ and 14+ leaderboards?

posted Jun 26th, 2018 - The 12+ flying chamber at the new iFLY Orlando facilities was drawing a larger group of Florida Skydiving League competitors to the Indoor Cloud League competition at June's FSL Tunnel Kicker than the same event at iFLY Tampa a week later.

It was nothing unusual that the events at iFLY Orlando were well attended when the Orlando tunnel was the only one in Florida. This changed when iFLY Tampa launched their operation of the 14+ flying chamber, and there was even a longer break until iFLY Orlando came back on the 12+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League.

Seven different lineups competed in Orlando for the six scores on the June leaderboard, and six of the seven teams won the honor to represent the Florida team this month so far.

The Florida team included two new participants, Jen O'Hara and Lucas Weiss, who were both in one of the six lineups that posted the highest scores for the June competition.

Florida Skydiving League - June 12+
Leslie Eggenberger, Kurt Gaebel, James Hall, Amer Kassas1714----14
Suzette Hechst, Emily Bombardi, Amer Kassas, James Hall1712----17
Lucas Weiss, Randy Cutlip, Suzette Hechst, Emily Bombardi1412-----
Bob Byrne, Kanishka Perera, Kurt Gaebel, James Hall-1425----
Nick Davis, Jen O'Hare, Amer Kassas, Randy Cutlip--12-171729
Lucas Weiss, Randy Cutlip, Nick Davis, Amer Kassas---16--16
Champaka Perera, Kanishka Perera, Bob Byrne, Leslie Eggenberger-----1818

iFLY Orlando - Best of June

Indoor Cloud League team of the Florida Skydiving League at iFLY Orlando in June
The larger group at iFLY Orlando had no problem to submit scores for all six sequences, while the smaller group in Tampa was limited with options for the three lineups.

It was the second time this year that Florida's Tampa team did not score any points in one of the six categories, and it was once again the R Class sequence without a scoring number. The Tampa team is going neck to neck with iFLY Seattle on the 2018 leaderboard, and there are still a few days left to add the missing score.

Three Florida competitors (Amer Kassas, James Hall, Kanishka Perera) attended both events, which were separated by one week. Kanishka Perera has made his way from the Rookie Class in 2016 to AAA Class sequences two years later. His team tied the highscore for the slot-switcher, even though his rear piece with coach Bob Byrne has not been exposed yet to one of the two memory blocks (5, 17) that switches the piece partner.

His wife Champaka Nagaraju has also picked up indoor 4-way training and competition and posted the 18-pointer for the Orlando team in the R Class. Kanishka Perera is an outdoor 4-way competitor, as well.

Florida Skydiving League - June 14+
James Hall, Sebastian Jimenez, Bob Byrne, Kanishka Perera151719---19
Erica Gorski, Amer Kassas, Sebastian Jimenez, James Hall1519----34
Bill Bickner, Patrick Fortune, Amer Kassas, Erica Gorski--151728-42

iFLY Tampa - Best of June

Indoor Cloud League team of the Florida Skydiving League at iFLY Tampa in June
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