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Did You Know...

... that Harpia has the AAA Class lead on May's ICL 12+ leaderboard?

New in AAA Class: Florida lineup in Orlando
posted May 21st, 2018 - The Indoor Cloud League competition of May began with a AAA Class duel on the 12+ leaderboard.

The Florida Skydiving League team posted a complete set of scores and videos after the FSL Tunnel Kicker in Orlando at the beginning of the month, which included the AAA Class sequence.

The lineup that posted the 10-pointer consisted of two competitors who took on a AAA Class sequence with a slot-switching block for the first time (Suzette Hechst, Kanishka Perera), Amer Kassas who moved up into the AAA Class world at the end of the 2017 season, and Bob Byrne with comprehensive AAA Class experience.

The Florida lineup competed so far only with Harpia from Brazil on the 12+ leaderboard, who posted their first AAA Class score in April after six months in the A Class of 2017. Harpia used the A Class blocks as a starter for the AA Class dive pool, with the goal to compete at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018, either in the AA Class or in the AAA Class. The Harpia decision to take on the complete IPC dive pool came with the personnel change in December 2017 that brought Pedro Ushizima into the lineup, one of the most experienced Brazilian 4-way competitors.

Indoor Cloud League 2018
RankMay 12+Q,11,N,16A,11,21C,Q,9Q,A,NM,C,QM,ATotal
1iFLY Orlando US  10   11-1 21-1 12-1 13   18  85
2Harpia BR  11  -  -  -  -  -  11
Harpia with Kirk Verner at the Paraclete Indoor Championship 2018
Harpia posted one more ICL score for January's AA Class sequence and then accomplished the goal to compete at Paraclete this year, with Kirk Verner in the lineup, as Pedro Ushizima was not available for the team's first AAA Class competition.

The Brazilian team was back on the ICL 12+ leaderboard in April, this time with a 15-pointer for the AAA Class sequence, followed by the 11-pointer for this month's leaderboard.

Harpia also had another personnel change. Livio Campos has replaced Pedro Ushizima as the inside center after the trip to North Carolina and the ten rounds with Kirk Verner, and he was in the lineup that posted the first two AAA Class scores on the ICL leaderboards for April and May.

The new Harpia member is 42 years of age and has been jumping since 2002. He competed in the AAA Class from the very beginning of his 4-way career with team Agora Vai in 2004 and 2005, followed by three years with Vertex. He stepped back into the AA Class competition last year and won the national intermediate class. He brings to the team a total of 30 hours of wind tunnel time and 650 jumps.

Coach Kirk Verner is still working with the team via internet briefing, after competing with Harpia at the Paraclete indoor competition. The same competition is on the Harpia schedule for 2019, then hopefully with the complete lineup.

Harpia lineup on home turf in Sao Paulo
The online coaching includes a demo video that Harpia has put together with the best of their own block techniques, performed by the new lineup on home turf in Sao Paulo.

The Harpia video includes the two new blocks (1 - 13) that may or may nor replace the current versions (Snowflake - Snowflake and Offset - Spinner).

The International Parachuting Commission (IPC) has been considering the synchronization of the indoor and outdoor dive pools, as the NSL News reported on 31 January 2018 and commented on 21 March 2018.

Harpia seem to trust that the suggestions will materialize in the dive pool, which would possibly change only in 2019.

The current versions of Block 1 and Block 13 will still be in all 4-way competition draws of the 2018 season, including the sequences of the Indoor Cloud League and World Tunnel League events. Both blocks are not in the ICL May sequences...

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