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Did You Know...

... that the Indoor Cloud League April competition was closer than ever on the 12+ leaderboard?

Florida April team at iFLY Orlando
posted May 4th, 2018 - The Indoor Cloud League competition has become tighter month by month, as the NSL News has reported on a regular basis. April's 14+ leaderboard is not complete yet, while it already has the teams from Florida (iFLY Tampa) and the Northwest (iFLY Seattle) tied with a total of 111 points behind the Hurricane Factory.

The situation on the 12+ leaderboard is even more exciting, as it shows the three regularly participating teams (iFLY Orlando - iFLY Sacramento - iFLY SF Bay) separated by only two points( 111 - 111 - 109). It is even more unusual and a rare and so far unique event that four teams are tied with 111 points on both leaderboards, with iFLY SF Bay so close behind.

The Florida team suffered a few point deductions that cost them the second consecutive 1st place after winning the March competition by one single point over iFLY Sacramento. The NCSL indoor team is still 29 points ahead of the Florida Skydiving League team who had a slow start into the 2018 season. However, it seems like the 3-team battle on the 12+ leaderboard will continue this year.

Harpia from Brazil accomplished their goal of competing at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018. They now posted their first Indoor Cloud League scores for the AAA Class sequence in April, coming from their home tunnel in Sao Paulo.

Indoor Cloud League 2018
RankApril 12+C,7,F,3E,7,15O,N,6E,C,FM,O,NM,KTotal
1iFLY Orlando US  17-1 17   19-1 23   15   20  111
1iFLY Sacramento US  21   18   16   26   14   16  111
3iFLY SF Bay US  22   19   16   18   18   16  109
4Harpia BR  15  -  -  -  -  -  15
Three DeLands Hit Storm members with Emily Bombardi
The iFLY Orlando team posted exactly the same total of 111 points that they had on the leaderboard in March.

This time, the A Class lineup and the newest team in the lowest Rookie Class category (R Class) contributed heavily to the total and actually even claimed the highscores for the month of August.

The R Class lineup consisted of three participants who had never attended an ICL event before (Hollie Blue-Allum, Sunnie Rice, Michael Savonarola), and ICL regular Emily Bombardi completed the lineup.

The same three new 4-way competitors added the next step shortly after the Indoor Cloud League event to their 4-way agenda and signed up for the Rookie Class competition at the first Florida Skydiving League event of the 2018 season. Deborah Cedar (Tail) and Julija Grinevska (Camera) completed DeLands Hit Storm at the April meet.

The new team could complete only two rounds; however, the first scores are posted, and the next FSL meet is on the team's calendar, as well.

April 14th, 2018
RankAA ClassA,D,N,14P,2,JQ,G,M,154,K,EF,21,111,B,HTotalAvg
1Carolina Airspeed US 9  9  9  -  -  -  279.0
2Carolina Relative Humility US 4  5  3  -  -  -  124.0
RankA ClassA,D,NP,2Q,G,M4,KF,21B,H,JTotalAvg
1GONO Team CO 5  5  7  4  7  11  396.5
1DeLands Hit Show US 2  2-1-  -  -  -  42.0
Northern California April team at iFLY SF Bay
The April competition on the Indoor Cloud League's 12+ leaderboard featured once again the Northern Californian showdown between iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay.

Both teams have competed on the same leaderboard since May 2016, when the second competition for the 14+ flying chamber was introduced.

The iFLY SF Bay team had the upper hand in the first year and won this NCSL duel eight times in the nine months following May 2016.

iFLY Sacramento began to fight back seriously in 2017 and won seven consecutive times. Sacramento is currently leading 13 : 11 after winning in February, March and April. However, iFLY SF Bay won the first month of the year by one point and was only two points behind in April.

All three teams are close enough to guarantee an exciting Indoor Cloud League year on the 12+ leaderboard. The new sequences for May are posted, and the teams are beginning to collect their best footage of the new month...

iFLY Sacramento - AprilAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Jason Russell, Steven Walker, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor (DeLoreans)2118----39
Monty Stephens, Matt Stephens, Steven Walker, Lori Connor--17----
Ron Ashcraft, John Verley, Lisa Larkin, Calli Waltrip (ErrSpeed)--1626--42
Karel Davis, Liz Jun, Lisa Larkin, Matt Stephen (No Halos)---18---
McKenzie Brown, Lauren Brown, Ron Ashcraft, Lori Connor (Man Out)---21---
Sona Santos-Linsenbach, Keith Clayton, Monty Stephens, Steven Walker (Odd Fellows)---16---
Reed Lawson, Jeff Sealy, John Verley, Jason Russell----141630

iFLY Sacramento's Best of April211816261416111

Volker Haag, Matt Stephens, Mike Deglau, Lori Connor22(-1)19----22
Julius Frank, Deanna Frank, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee (Cali4nia Raptors)16(-1)------
Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee, Will Harris, Lauren Pruett (2Pairs)-19----19
Lukasz Weber, Vignesh Elamvazhuthi, Kiran Shivaram, Ethan DeLano-1416---16
Mahlon Chute, Kiran Shivaram, Sylvain Florand, Vignesh Elamvazhuthi (4Tune)-13-----
Maria Sheets, Tim Mattsn, JeffJensen, Trina Mattson (Team Chet)--13----
Elan Moyal, Mika Miettinen, Michael Beaudreau, Laura Reed (SkyBlam)---18--18
Elan Moyal, Mika Miettinen, Michael Beaudreau, Alan Snyder---1618-18
Rachana Nandan, James Daughters, Jessica Lee, Mike Deglau----181616

iFLY SF Bay's Best of April221916181816109

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