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Did You Know...

... that Florida had a large Indoor Cloud League delegation at Paraclete?

Indoor Cloud League last Thursday in Tampa
posted Feb 28th, 2018 - Florida's Indoor Cloud League teams at iFLY Tampa and iFLY Orlando had each missed scores for one category in January, and organizer Amer Kassas was committed to change this for the next month. Both teams have their February scores and videos posted by now, and they cover all six categories.

The iFLY Orlando team was missing the AAA Class number after the FSL Tunnel Kicker earlier this month. Emily Bombardi, Leslie Eggenberger, James Hall and Amer Kassas met in Orlando later to perform both Open Class sequences (AAA - AA). They filled the open slot for the AAA Class sequence and improved the AA Class score, as well.

The Tampa team met on the Thursday before the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018, and several participants traveled to North Carolina a day later. There was a large delegation of 4-way and 8-way competitors from Florida in Raeford who were on different teams and different leaderboards.

James Hall and Jimmy Xu are Indoor Cloud League regulars and finished 9th on the AAA Class leaderboard with Fast4ward XP. Jimmy Xu had been on three different lineups on Thursday in Tampa. He also competed with SCZ ZEUS at Paraclete, where he joined forces with Amer Kassas, Alex Jordaan and Ian Pedowitz.

Florida Skydiving League - February 14+
Sally Craig-Hathaway, Christine Freiherr, Amer Kassas, Jimmy Xu1415----29
Emily Bombardi, Sally Craig-Hathaway, Amer Kassas, Karl Meyer11(-1)1321---21
Sally Craig-Hathaway, Amer Kassas, Paul Bertorelli, Marty Schneider119(-1)182415-24
Christine Freiherr, Kanishka Perera, Jimmy Xu, Bob Byrne-1419----
Shanise Dietels, Matt O'Gwynn, Paul Bertorelli, Jimmy Xu----171633

iFLY Tampa - Best of February

From Tampa on Thursday to Raeford on Friday
James Hall had a second lineup at the Paraclete meet, as well. He and his other Fast4ward XP team mate Andrea Greening competed with Jeana Billings and Matt Hunt for 4Shadow in the AAA Class.

Amer Kassas, Jimmy Xu, Alex Jordaan and Ian Pedowitz plan to continue this year for SCZ ZEUS, and the 16.9 average is a good starting point for new AAA Class competitor Amer Kassas.

He also competed with SCZ ZEUS 2.5 in the AA Class, a second lineup from Skydive City that had Indoor Cloud League regulars Donna Kim and Ed Ganley in the lineup.

New SCZ ZEUS member Alex Jordaan, who has trained and competed with South Africa's national 4-way team Savolo in the past, teamed up with fellow South African Karl Meyer for the AA Class competition.

Leslie Eggenberger and Emily Bombardi completed this lineup. Emily Bombardi had posted the AAA and AA scores for iFLY Orlando and was then in the lineup that posted the A Class score for iFLY Tampa before the trip to Paraclete.

Paraclete XP Indoor 2018
RankAAA Class6,P,O,9N,1,21D,J,E,K,148,Q,L,510,12,F3,19,2217,B,2011,13,7C,16,18H,M,A,G,15TotalAvg
13SCZ ZEUS2217211514121714142316916.9
14AZ Defiance2116191716141514122416816.8
RankAA ClassF,13,22O,H,4J,A,142,918,11B,M,K,2021,115,N,19D,G,8P,E,L,6TotalAvg
1TSC Cadence1320181613201515141916316.3
2Foreign Affairs1217191711181412142315715.7
3CT True Blue1418141611181314171815315.3
AAA/AA lineup at the FSL February Tunnel Kicker in Tampa
Leslie Eggenberger and Emily Bombardi were both in the Orlando lineup for the AAA and AA scores, together with Amer Kassas and James Hall, before they joined forces again at Paraclete. Foreign Affairs won the silver medals in the AA Class after a 6-point battle with TSC Cadence.

The team name Foreign Affairs probably relates to the two South African members and Leslie Eggenberger, who is originally from Guatemala, while Emily Bombardi has Brazilian roots.

Emily Bombardi and Karl Meyer had their warmup session on Thursday in Tampa, with Amer Kassas and Sally Craig-Hathaway in the lineup.

Jimmy Xu and Amer Kassas posted the scores for the AAA and AA sequences in Tampa, together with Sally Craig-Hathaway and Christine Freiherr.

Jimmy Xu was also player-coaching Tampa's Rookie Class lineup to the ICL February scores.

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