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Did You Know...

... that Airbus and AtomiX will meet each other three times this year?

Airbus at the Belgian Indoor Nationals 2017
posted Jan 13th, 2018 - The 8-way situation in Germany was the topic of the NSL News story on 8 January 2018. Most of the times, there has been a direct connection between 8-way and 4-way in Germany in the past, which could be different this year. The two top contenders, reigning champion Airbus and challenger AtomiX YUU, both focus only on 4-way competition in 2018.

The situation is similar to Italy's 4-way competition on the top level, where Amnesya FlyIn has been putting serious pressure on the 4-way champions of the past years, eX3MO. There is a major difference though, as yesterday's update explained. National 4-way team Airbus is confirmed to compete for Germany in Australia, while the situation in Italy is currently very confusing for the teams.

Italy held the country's first national indoor championships last year, which qualified Amnesya to compete for Italy at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017. Germany did not have a team in Montreal.

This may change at the next FAI indoor events, as the German skydiving federation (DFV) has now scheduled the first national indoor championships.

Belgian Indoor Nationals 2017
RankAAA Class0,3,1822,14,NQ,2,B,EL,A,F,19P,4,H,59,10,86,13,16K,G,17,C21,J,115,20,12TotalAvg
3ISR FireFlashBE2018272322181726201620720.7
5Ludo's Pinkcakes DeluxeBE1312222118151418161116016.0
6Just 4 FunDE1212171914121116141113813.8
AtomiX indoor training in Bottrop with coach Luc Verstrepen
Unfortunately, the indoor competition in Bottrop collides with the date of the World Challenge 2018, which makes it impossible for the German 4-way top teams to attend the most popular indoor competition in Bedford and difficult for all other teams to make a choice.

However, both German top contenders are planning to attend the new indoor championship, which creates the first confrontation between Airbus and AtomiX much earlier in the year than before, when it happened only at the national outdoor championships.

Both teams are not very experienced with indoor meets. In fact, AtomiX has not yet attended an indoor competition with the current lineup, and Airbus just competed for the first time at the Belgian Nationals 2017.

Airbus had a good start into the indoor 4-way world with a 21.9 average in 2nd place behind Amnesya and ahead of ISR FireFlash.

The NSL News story on 23 December 2017 had explained that the tall German lineup had enough space at Fly-In's 16-foot chamber. The German Indoor Nationals 2018 will take place at a 14-foot chamber in Bottrop.

German Nationals 2017
RankAAA/Open ClassP,D,3,1613,14,9F,11,N,2J,7,517,14,MB,8,1822,Q,O,20K,10,15E,1,G,6A,L,19,21TotalAvg
1Airbus FSZ Saar1916202220171715182018418.4
2AtomiX YUU Skydive1815182218161715181917617.6
3NeVa FSZ SAAR1612161717121212141514314.3
3Dark Energy1613131715131512151414314.3
6Skyfall Illertissen1511121713121311131413113.1
7Paranodon Eyjafjallajökull1111141512121412131312712.7
9Wolf Pack1411121112121210141412212.2
10FlashFour - Soest81012121291210131010810.8
11HorschD FSZ SAAR107111099771212949.4
124 xmpl8811810897810878.7

AtomiX will have at least a size advantage at the smaller flying chamber, even though the team has no indoor competition experience so far.

18.4 - 17.6 at the German Nationals 2017
Of course, AtomiX has been using the indoor opportunities for training purposes as regularly as most other outdoor teams. In fact, AtomiX has scheduled a total of approx. ten hours of indoor training for the 2018 season. Team speaker Peter Ingenhaag said that 2-2 camps with NMP PCH HayaBusa members are once again a part of the indoor training.

AtomiX also plans to complete 300 to 350 training jumps, and Luc Verstrepen will continue to work with the team. The German challenger is aiming at the 19-average benchmark, which would be well within striking distance to the 4-way top spot in Germany.

AtomiX and Airbus will actually meet three times this year, as both teams also have the ESL Championship 2018 on the meet agenda. The German Indoor Nationals 2018 will be the first showdown, and both teams will probably try to complete as much indoor training as possible before the April date...

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