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Did You Know...

... that Aerokart Ak'demie 3 was the youngest AAA Class team at Weembinamic?

Original Ak'demie 3 lineup at the Clash of Champions 2015
posted Jan 9th, 2018 - The leaderboard of the Weembinamic 2017 included the name of a French 4-way Junior team, the third lineup of the Aerokart Ak'demie project.

The two other Ak'demie teams have received more attention by the NSL News throughout and after their battle for the top spot at the French Indoor Nationals 2017.

It was the French qualification event for the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 where only one team would represent France in 4-way Junior. The Ak'demie 2 lineup won by two points and traveled to Montreal to become the new 4-way Junior world champions.

Both other Ak'demie teams have continued with training and competition since the project was launched with the first posted scores in 2014.

The Ak'demie 3 lineup is the youngest one and attended the first competition a year later. It was the Clash of Champions 2015 where the first lineup competed in the A Class and placed 6th with a 12.3 average. Little over two years later, Ak'demie 3 completed ten AAA Class sequences at Weembi and finished in 2nd place with an 18.2 average.

Weembinamic 2017
Rank4-way AAA ClassF,C,Q,8B,J,P,206,2,D7,O,11L,19,115,18,H21,4,NA,14,13M,9,22G,H,E,K,FTotalAvg
1Brits On 43129192618172120274425225.2
2Espoir Weembi2829212418191818254124124.1
3Weembi Legion2826182116171817223021321.3
4Les Coyotes Jcm2420151817151712203219019.0
5Ak'demie 32216161917141615182918218.2
8Les Rookies1614121412101312132213813.8
10Canop En Boite Pcp1414912129118151712112.1
11Weembi By Fretois8846215597555.5

Original member Oscar Messier was eventually recruited for the Ak'demie 2 lineup at the beginning of the 2016 season, where he joined his brother Eliot. Simon Capelle took the open Ak'demie 3 slot and has been with the youngest lineup ever since. Oscar Messier ended up as a 4-way junior world champion last year.

Ak'demie 3 at Weembinamic in December
image by: Sophie Gallot
The Ak'demie 3 lineup also includes Valentin Vazille, who is the son of Franck Vazille, a former member of the French national 8-way team that won numerous FAI/IPC medals in the 80s and 90s. Franck Vazille has recently been training and competing with the 4-way indoor team from Monaco.

Weembinamic organizer Julien Degen had manipulated the dive pool for the competition draw to accommodate all AAA and AA teams on the same leaderboard and in the teams' knockout and single elimination battles.

He eliminated the six slot-switching blocks and reduced the draw to 5-point sequences. This way, the ten rounds at Weembinamic could have been drawn either for any AAA/Open Class competition or a AA/4-way Junior meet.

All three French Aerokart Ak'demie teams had competed on the same leaderboard at the French Indoor Nationals 2017, where the youngest 4-way juniors finished in 5th place with a 16.8 average.

The ten rounds in March were a real AA Class/4-way Junior draw, even though the junior teams complete only eight rounds at an FAI/IPC event.

Clash of Champions 2015
RankA ClassK,L,196,4N,7D,2O,M,BP,9E,21G,Q,HC,J,8F,A,21TotalAvg
1Flying CircusCZ1913201648241925161721721.7
2Amnesya RW4 TeamIT1715191337241723182120420.4
3Skyblockers SingaporeSG1617191633141725142319419.4
4Made in USSRRU1213171331191420151416816.8
6Aerokart Ak'demieFR131013913121215121412312.3
7A TeamSG81012111915141181412212.2
8Blue PhenixFR8761023151214121211911.9
10Hardcore Hand HoldersAE24641035363464.6
11Last MinuteFR2462723333353.5

Winner of a 4-way battle at Weembinamic
image by: Sophie Gallot
Marin Ferre and Mathieu Cannesson were first coaching the two older teams together. Mathieu Cannesson began to focus on the youngest lineup once it was formed a year after the start of the Aerokart Ak'demie projec. The other two teams had their own coaches with Marin Ferre and Amelie Tirman.

Mathieu Cannesson said that the Weembinamic event was a great way for the youngsters to end the 2017 season. They could not travel to Canada and compete at the indoor world championships, as their Ak'demie friends did. He explained that the name of the event was inspired by the format of the Dynamic competition world, which consists of battles between teams and competitors. The Ak'demie juniors enjoyed the format, where almost each round feels like a final.

His team also attended and won the "Bellynamic" competition at the end of the event. This is a dynamic speed round with only belly flying, a series of snakes, levels and circles.

Ak'demie 3 will soon be back in 4-way action, as the next indoor meet in France is coming up on the January 20 weekend. Mathieu Cannesson is not available, and Marin Ferre will try to keep the team focused on the competition...

French Indoor Nationals 2017
RankAA ClassP,Q,21D,B,14M,H,J,22C,7,FO,A,1113,8N,K,19G,E,26,151,9TotalAvg
1Aerokart Ak'demie 22624243020 122522 202222522.5
2Aerokart Ak'demie 12624252522 152223 202122322.3
3EFMP Filles2321202518121919131618618.6
4The Outsiders1922202417161019151617817.8
5Aerokart Ak'demie 32017182317 121814 141516816.8
6Shamal'In Clermont212118211713199141416716.7
9Los Pollos Locos141514161311131491313213.2
10Lemniscate ASPU Maubeuge171313181110812111212512.5
11Caelestis ASPU151512151381110101312212.2
12Toobiz'air Lens Dunkerque11121318881112101011311.3
13Canop en Boite121113149510118810110.1
14Yapuka Vannes121113149811795999.9
15Nev'Air PCP410171489111057959.5
15Les Anonymous1111111410797510959.5
18Weembi by Fretoy8777546563585.8
19Team 47 LCA8598724553565.6
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