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Did You Know...

... that the girls are cleaner than the boys at the World Cup?

First scores of the World Cup 2009 presented by Rina Gallo and Judy Celaya
posted Sep 1st, 2009 - The games have begun, Round 1 has been completed at the FAI World Cup 2009.

No big surprises in the Open Class, even though Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge has already a 2-point lead over Hayabusa Defence.

The reason is a 2-point deduction for the Belgian team, which came in the same situation for an incomplete formation and the following incorrect inter.

The French national team lost a point, as well, and is ahead by two points after all damage. Black Cat had a clean round and is tied with Hayabusa. Sinapsi scored a 20-pointer without penalties and seems to go on a slightly slower pace. Then a tight field follows with 18-pointers. Germany's FSC Eisenach-Paratec would be a part of this battle but lost a point in Round 1.

Aerokart Deep Blue Maubeuge looking strong

4-way Female Category - No Russian team

The Russian female time did not arrive in Prostejov, and the situation in the female 4-way category is as expected.

Aerokart Deep Blue Maubeuge is far ahead of the two German teams, which started their own race for the silver medals already in Round 1.

All female teams together combined for zero penalties in Round 1.

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