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Did You Know...

... that WTL teams from Florida and Northern California staid away from each other in August?

AAA Class winner at iFLY Tampa
posted Sep 4th, 2017 - Teams and competitors of the Florida and the Northern California Skydiving League went indoor once again for a 6- and 10-round meet in August, while the Czech teams still focus exclusively on their outdoor performance during the summer season, except for the monthly Indoor Cloud League competition.

The August leaderboard of the World Tunnel League did not pitch any teams from the east and west coast of the U.S.A. directly against each other, as the Florida teams signed up for the AAA and AA sequences, while west coast teams competed in the A and Rookie categories. However, there was enough internal competition, and some of the sequences were similar enough to allow a rough comparison.

The internal competition was closer in Florida than in Northern California. DeLand Kickers and Team Kaputt were separated by only three points after ten rounds, and Bob Byrne's two SCZ FutheranZe XP lineups battled for the second place in the AA Class.

Lori Connor organized the World Tunnel League competition at iFLY Sacramento and provided the insights of the event.

World Tunnel League - August 2017
RankAAA ClassN,6,H,39,14,5B,16,177,11,C21,O,15K,Q,18,P1,22,13G,J,12,EM,F,A,204,8,LTotalAvg
1DeLand KickersFTL1719191716161315241617217.2
2Team KaputtFTL1717181917191114231416916.9
RankAA ClassN,6,149,21B,C,P,E7,11O,15,LK,Q,181,22G,J,13M,F,A,204,8TotalAvg
1SDC ZEUS 2.2FTL1014181211118813911411.4
2SCZ FutheranZe XP 2.1FTL6101510109410127939.3
3SCZ FutheranZe XP 2.2FTL5913991167148919.1
4Zephyr PulseFTL781371075576757.5
RankA ClassN,H,69,AB,C,P7,EO,9K,Q,D19,LG,J,6M,F,A4,8TotalAvg
1Err SpeedNCTL142119172022----11318.8
2Flight ClubNCTL151819161918----10517.5
3Out of OrderNCTL913111388----6210.3
1Grip TeaseNCTL10151214910----7011.7
2Hot FuelNCTL61611988----589.7
NCSL August Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Sacramento

Lori Connor: World Tunnel League at iFLY Sacramento

The teams were busy at iFLY Sacramento in August with four separate events. The month started out with the usual fast and furious 3-way tunnel scrambles held on August 3rd! Next up on August 17th was the first version of the August Tunnel Kicker where six teams competed using the August Indoor Cloud League draw published on the 1st of the month on the SKYLEAGUE.COM web page.

There was internal competition among two A Class teams with the Err Speed lineup of John Verley, Lisa Larkin, Calli Waltrip and Ron Ashcraft ranking 1st in this category with 16 points.

The Rookie Class teams were the most competitive, as usual, with three teams flying RRR and four flying RR sequences. Even though the team with the Stephens family (father Monty and brothers Travis and Matt, along with Lori Connor) scored 13 points in RRR, their score did not qualify since the lineup rules only allow one player coach to fly in RRR. So the top score in RRR went to Ryan Kihm, Reed Lawson, Matt Lawson and player coach Pete Swan with 11 points.

Both the RR and R Class highscores went to Brenda Jacobs, Keith Clayton and player coaches Lori Connor and Matt Stephens. They added 27 points in RR and 21 points in R to the iFLY Sacramento account. This was the first event that 4-way rookie Brenda Jacobs had ever flown with the NCSL Sacramento team!

NCSL coaches held another August Tunnel Kicker on August 23rd where Matt Stephens, Lori Connor, Jason Russell and Steven Walker performed their AAA and AA Class rounds and added 20 points in AAA and 17 points in AA. Collectively, the Sacramento team scored 112 for iFLY Sacramento, which is hopefully enough to defend the 1st place on the ICL leaderboard for the 12-foot tunnels.

WTL August meet at iFLY Sacramento
The iFLY Sacramento World Tunnel League Meet was held on August 31st. Five teams competed using the World Tunnel League draw published on the 1st of the month on the SKYLEAGUE.COM website.

The WTL lineup for Sacramento included three A Class teams and two Rookie Class teams.

Err Speed took 1st place with a total of 113 points and an 18.9 average.

Flight Club took 2nd place with 105 points and a 17.5 average at Kristen and Justin Breaux's first time A Class competition! Out of Order, with Monty Stephens, Russ Hebert, Scott Rainey and Matt Stephens, took 3rd with a 10.4 average.

Rookie Class team Grip Tease (Maria Sheets, Michelle Hart, Sona Santos-Linsenbach, Brenda Jacobs) won the Rookie Class, where Hot Fuel was close in 2nd place. Thanks iFLY Sacramento for the awesome tunnel, great staff and for being such a great host! Next up is this Thursday's 3-way tunnel scrambles! It's always a favorite...!

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