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Did You Know...

... that teams from Texas could also compete for 4-way Intermediate Class medals?

Babes On Our Bellies (BOOBs) in 2016
posted Aug 21st, 2017 - The 4-way competition at the Pre-Nationals 2017 was very similar to the situation in 8-way, at least in the AA/Intermediate Class.

It was also more competitive, as last weekend's leaderboard of the competition at Skydive Spaceland-Houston is showing. The teams in the first three places all shared the highscores for some of the eight rounds with each other. Dallas Interspediate, with player coach and meet organizer Scott Latinis in the lineup, collected five of the eight highscores and won the meet, yet only four points ahead of Babes on Our Bellies (BOOBs), who won only Round 4 with the fastest sequence of the meet.

Toxic Heveh, on the other hand, won two rounds and tied two more and still ended up far behind the first two places, only due to the low scores in two rounds, even though the team actually won the total of the last three rounds.

All three teams would probably be ready to pursue medal positions for Texas at the USPA Nationals 2017 next month, together with Christy's Love Slaves in the AAA/Advanced Class, with five members of The French 8-way Team.

Spaceland Pre-Nationals 2017
Rank4-way AA/Intermediate ClassF,20,47,M,D9,G,NO,J,E,QH,8,13C,11,1821,19A,14,1K,6,15P,B,222,L,FTotalAvg
1Dallas InterSpeediate813111510988---8210.3
2Babes on our Bellies (BOOBs)71210169888---789.8
3Spaceland Toxic Heveh8139145999---769.5
Toxic Heveh at the Shootout 2017
The AA/Intermediate Class leaderboard of last year's USPA Nationals indicates that teams with 10+ averages could be in medal contention, at least for bronze. All three teams from Texas have enough time to clean up after the Pre-Nationals and be ready for even higher meet averages in Perris.

BOOBs had competed at the USPA Nationals 2016 and finished tied in 9th place of 26 teams with an 8.6 average. Last weekend's 9.8 average is already significantly higher and might be enough for a position close to the medal level. Dallas Interspediate posted a 10+ average and is even closer to last year's bronze medal level at this point in time.

Toxic Heveh competed last year in Texas and did not travel to Eloy for the USPA Nationals. This year, the same lineup (Josh Hines, Dabbie Maline, Nery Padilla, Josh Schirard, with Jeff Mubarak on camera) posted a 9.6 average at the Texas Shootout in July and now followed up at the Pre-Nationals.

USPA Nationals 2016
Rank4-way Intermediate22,O,81,21A,E,Q,JD,L,C,15M,P,9F,B,1320,218,N,711,K,144,G,19TotalAvg
1Seattle Swift1111231524161313111014714.7
2Zhills PreciZion1011201420151112111113513.5
3SDC Rhemix XP991591811998910610.6
4Napoleon Dynamite8713101812799910210.2
6Suffolk Sabotage76167161271186969.6
8Threat Level Orange10798141181068919.1
9SCZ FutheranZe XP681681277868868.6
9Babes On Our Bellies (BOOBS)8814612117965868.6
11Perris Nacho Key86891397967828.2
12Four Shades of Grey8512713107378808.0
13Hard on the Kittens791271177667797.9
14SCZ ZEUS771161367947777.7
14Mark and Darryld 4ish Ways7612711105874777.7
14Crackers & Beans & Rice86981297675777.7
18Cosmic Remnants661191345576727.2
19In4mal Affair651281094656717.1
21My Milkshakes64861277665676.7
22SDMW Extreme65105677566636.3
23The Falling Misfits4364823443414.1
244-Chick Chick Boom!5443752343404.0
25Beyond Ambition2220112333191.9
26Win or Lose We Booze000010000010.1
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