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Did You Know...

... that the A Class teams won last weekend's overall competition?

DeLoreans with Rob Radez
posted Jul 11th, 2017 - Last weekend's leaderboard is featuring teams from Northern California and once again from the Midwest, just two weeks after the June meet of the Midwest Skydiving League.

SDMW NEXT did not make it to the Chicagoland Skydiving Center; however, the three A Class teams who competed for Chicagoland at Skydive Chicago on the first June weekend had competition last weekend in this category on their home turf. They almost swept the A Class leaderboard of six teams. SDMW Rampage managed to outscore the third CSC team, Legos, by one single point after the four rounds that were completed by all A Class teams.

The scores after the first three rounds determined the overall standings in the AA Class. NCSL team 4Tune was one single point ahead of SDC Falcon after Round 3, who finished with a higher meet average after completing all six rounds at the Chicagoland Skydiving Center. Falcon was also one point ahead after the five rounds that both teams completed.

NCSL Director Lori Connor won the AA Class competition with her DeLoreans, who had former SDC Rhythm XP member Rob Radez in the lineup this time while current Rhythm member Doug Barron was on camera for the AA Class team in 2nd place, SDC Connect 4.

July 8th, 2017
RankAAA ClassO,7,E,17A,21,128,F,J,9N,L,14,613,19,151,M,H,P5,4,202,11,3Q,G,10,D22,18,KTotalAvg
1CSC SwiftMWSL17(-1)1219131119101013913313.3
RankAA ClassO,7,18A,21,98,F,JN,L,1413,191,M,H4,202,11Q,G,622,K,PTotalAvg
2SDC Connect 4MWSL8711(6)(5)(8)----267.5
4SDC FalconMWSL977(7)(4)(7)(-1)----236.8
RankA ClassO,E,7A,218,FN,L,919,JM,H,B4,D2,CQ,G,6K,P,7TotalAvg
1CSC GenesisMWSL5(-2)854(-1)514----416.8
2CSC Get a GripMWSL784648----376.2
3SDMW RampageMWSL6(-1)73(-1)428----305.0
4CSC LegosMWSL562(-1)457(-1)(4)(4)(4)(3)(-1)294.0
5Agave MariaNCSL4525(-1)------164.0
6Fearsome FoursomeMWSL6(-1)51343----223.7
1Chiquita Banana in BikiniNCSL3(-1)5(-1)2-------103.3
2Wind BreakersNCSL243-------93.0
3rd place after Round 3: 4Tune
DeLoreans player coach Rob Radez has been helping regularly at the monthly SF Bay Tunnel Kickers and Indoor Cloud League events since 2014. The DeLoreans roster for last weekend's meet also included Matt Stephens, Karl Secks and Monty Stephens on camera.

Due to the high temperatures in the 100's and the American Boogie last weekend, it was unusually slow at SkyDance, and the teams did not complete all scheduled rounds. Lori Connor said that the two teams at Skydance manifested together and chose to make their jumps out of the Super Caravan with a larger door rather than the PAC-750, and the DeLoreans were only able to complete three of the five planned rounds.

She also reported what happened at the second meet location: "Over at the Tracy camp, the teams were able to make all of their scheduled jumps, five for AA, four for A and three for Rookie."

She said that it was the first outdoor competition for 4Tune this year who have been regularly training together at SkyDance since the season began: "The team's regular lineup includes Sylvain Florand (IC), Lukasz Weber (OC), Vignesh Elamvazhuthi (Tail), Mahlon Chute (Point) and Manu Labadie (Video). Ethan DeLano flew as an alternate in place of Mahlon Chute and Bret Cooke was on camera. The 33 points 4Tune scored with its five jumps gave it a single point advantage to rank 1st over the DeLoreans who scored 32 points with its 3 jumps."

New Rookie Class team: Wind Breakers
"The teams' overall meet averages will be what is pitted against the other AA teams competing in the Midwest Skydiving League and Carolina Skydiving League meets also held this weekend. Hopefully the NCSL has a good showing compared against the other two leagues. This is the nice thing about competing at these local meets to see how you are scoring compared to other teams across the country using the same draws."

"The NCSL's internal competition was very close in the Rookie Class. Chiquita Banana in Bikini flew at Tracy and scored 10 points with the Wind Breakers at SkyDance scoring 9 points. Chiquita Banana's lineup included Lee Wilcox, Krista Gusack, Travis McGowan, Michael Stevens and Campbell Pool. Krista just recovered from a broken foot and returned to jumping a few weeks ago."

"The Wind Breakers at SkyDance with Scott Rainey, Reed Lawson, Kristen Breaux, John Verley and Justin Breaux celebrated Scott's 100th jump on their 3rd round together. Maria Sheets was joined by Jim Hopf, Chris Sullivan, Achal Asawa and Anthony Biasotti on Agave Maria in the A Class. The team scored 16 points with its four jumps and ended up with a 4.0 average."

An additional side result of the NCSL meet was the fact that each of the teams' first rounds had also the same sequence as for the July Outdoor Cloud League, which is identical with the Indoor Cloud League draw. The teams can use the scores of Round 1 as their first July submissions for their home DZ. The Outdoor Cloud League sequences can be performed the entire month of July: "Let's see about getting additional scores on the leaderboard in all of the classes and see if we can even score higher than the ones the teams just submitted. The next NCSL meet will be held on August 5th - Get those teams together..."

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