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Did You Know...

... that the best 4-way Junior teams were recently in full action?

Parachute Montreal Fuzion at the Shamrock Showdown
posted Apr 18th, 2017 - It is time to catch up with a few indoor meets that happened while the major events took all the attention. One of them was the Canadian indoor qualifier for the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017, which will take place on Canadian home turf at SkyVenture Montreal in October.

The 8-round competition featured three Canadian national 4-way teams. Evolution competed for Canada at the FAI Mondial 2016 in 4-way Open, Parachute Montreal Fuzion in 4-way Women, while the Air Devils are the reigning 4-way Junior FAI Indoor World Cup champions of 2016.

Evolution did not have the complete lineup available, and Nick Grillet replaced Benoit Lemay in February. Fuzion competed with the same lineup of 2016, who would also complete the first ten outdoor rounds a month later at the Shamrock Showdown 2017.

The well indoor trained Fuzion left the untrained Evolution lineup far behind in Montreal. Evolution's substitute Nick Grillet then turned the table at the Shamrock Showdown where he competed with Eliana Rodriguez, Craig Girard and Shannon Pilcher and finished well ahead of Fuzion in 3rd place.

Canadian Indoor Qualifiers 2017
RankAAA Class8,P,K,2214,21,MC,5,H,F17,2,L6,Q,4A,20,113,N,G,1512,7,18TotalAvg
1Parachute Montreal Fuzion211933232322211918122.6
RankAA Class20,4P,9,M7,D,11Q,21,14C,2,N18,J,6A,E,1519,22TotalAvg
1Air Devils163319172217231716420.5
FAI Indoor World Cup champions 2016: Air Devils
The Air Devils matched their 20.4 average at the FAI Indoor World Cup in October last year almost exactly and added one point for a new team record average. Then they had to wait for little over a month to follow the action at the French Indoor Nationals 2017, where their expected challengers of the French Aerokart Akdemie were completing ten rounds in the AA Class.

The Canadian 4-way juniors had left the best French team four points behind at Flyspot in Poland last October to win the FAI gold medals in this event, but things have changed in the meantime.

Two of the three Akdemie teams at Weembi scored significantly higher compared to their numbers in October, and they seem to be ahead of the Air Devils at this point in time. The HF Junior Cubs were also dangerously close to the 20-average benchmark after the 10-round meet at the World Challenge 2017. It seems like the Air Devils will be facing tough competition on their home turf later this year.

Air Devils and the Czech 4-way Junior teams use the Indoor Cloud League events to get competition practice while they are in training, and the French Akdemie teams have their experienced world champion coaches (Amelie Tirman, Marin Ferre) to get them ready for the FAI indoor event in Canada. NMP PCH HayaBusa member David Grauwels is helping the Czech teams with coaching.

French Indoor Nationals 2017
RankAA ClassP,Q,21D,B,14M,H,J,22C,7,FO,A,1113,8N,K,19G,E,26,151,9TotalAvg
1Aerokart Ak'demie 22624243020 122522 202222522.5
2Aerokart Ak'demie 12624252522 152223 202122322.3
3EFMP Filles2321202518121919131618618.6
4The Outsiders1922202417161019151617817.8
5Aerokart Ak'demie 32017182317 121814 141516816.8
6Shamal'In Clermont212118211713199141416716.7
9Los Pollos Locos141514161311131491313213.2
10Lemniscate ASPU Maubeuge171313181110812111212512.5
11Caelestis ASPU151512151381110101312212.2
12Toobiz'air Lens Dunkerque11121318881112101011311.3
13Canop en Boite121113149510118810110.1
14Yapuka Vannes121113149811795999.9
15Nev'Air PCP410171489111057959.5
15Les Anonymous1111111410797510959.5
18Weembi by Fretoy8777546563585.8
19Team 47 LCA8598724553565.6
Aerokart Akdemie delegation at Weembi
The internal French competition between the three Aerokart Akdemie teams was very exciting, as it was the qualification event for the trip to Canada, as well. Akdemie 1 and 2 even pushed each other to the top of the AA Class leaderboard and left all French senior teams behind.

The 2-point battle ended with an upset when the B-Team eventually took the 1st place.

Both teams finished so close to each other that it will be difficult for coaches Amelie Tirman and Marin Ferre to decide who deserves the tickets to Canada. Only one team may represent each country at a FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving.

The Air Devils know by now that the stakes will be higher this October, a year after their victory in Poland. They still have enough time to pick up the pace and be ready for the challengers from Europe...

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