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Did You Know...

... that the new update from the Czech Republic includes very fast Hayabusa videos?

Hayabusa Defence boards a plane in Prostejov
posted Aug 31st, 2009 - The NSL News mentioned earlier today that Hayabusa Defence recently won the CISM Championships 2009. It was already the third consecutive victory for the Belgian national team in this military 4-way competition. Hayabusa won the 4th CISM Military World Games in India in 2007 after an exciting 1-point battle with the Golden Knights with a 31.5 average.

The second set of CISM gold medals went to Belgium after last year's 30.5 average victory in Switzerland. It was the first Hayabusa competition with new team member Weadong So who replaced Luc Verstrepen at the end of the 2008 season. This year's event took place in Lucenec, Slovakia, in August.

Joey Jones mentioned in today's short interview that Hayabusa won this year's gold medals with a 33.0 average, which stands for an all-time military record. Team videographer Danny Jacobs provided the video footage of two competition jumps.

Bryan Burke makes his plan for tomorrow
Hayabusa Defence is also the defending World Cup champion in Formation Skydiving 4-way competition. The Belgian national team won the 2007 event in Russia after an exciting battle and a jump-off round with France Maubeuge with a 22.9 average. No US team competed in Russia.

The situation at the FAI World Cup 2009 is very similar compared to 2007. Hayabusa comes to the Czech Republic with a lot of confidence after the impressive results at the CISM competition, and the US teams will not be competing at this year's World Cup.

It looks like another battle between Hayabusa and Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge is coming up. It begins tomorrow morning, as Chief of Manifest, Bryan Burke, explained in an interview, which is a part of the next video clip from Prostejov. This clip also features scenes from the opening ceremony downtown Prostejov. This event included demonstration jumps into the opening ceremony and Czech traditional dancing.

Judges enjoy the opening ceremony
The competition at the World Cup 2009 might still be more challenging for Hayabusa compared to the World Cup 2007.

This time, Italy's national champion Sinapsi, bronze medalis of the World Meet 2006, is ready to compete for new medals with the new lineup.

In addition, the best two Russian teams of the 2009 season, Black Cat and Skylight Barkli, will try to make the race for World Cup medals as exciting as possible. Black Cat is still the world record holder of the highest score for a single round.

Sarah Smith seems to know something...
The competition draw for this week's competition does not offer a round fast enough for a new world record. However, there will be an exciting competition going on in Prostejov, and the NSL News will try to make it as tangible as possible for the audience. Come back tomorrow morning for the next update and the first scores.

Last, and really not least at all: the Fun Flag is on the NSL News agenda. The first investigations are on the way, and secret contacts have been made. It seems as if the Fun Flag is in the Czech Republic, and it is supposed to fly tomorrow.

Bodyflight Storm member Sarah Smith, competing with UK's 8-way team Xstorming8 at the World Cup 2009, seems to know something about the Fun Flag that the rest of the skydiving world doesn't know. The NSL News will surely follow up on the topic.

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