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Did You Know...

... that the Paraclete XP4 members competed in multiple teams while multi-functioning?

2nd place: Paraclete XP4
posted Mar 2nd, 2017 - The story of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2017 has been the story of the showdown between SDC Rhythm XP and Arizona Airspeed so far. The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned earlier that Airspeed's 3rd place was a very unusual finishing spot that happened last time at the World Challenge 2010.

A third place on U.S. soil is even more unusual, and it was back in 2006 when two U.S. teams finished in front of Airspeed. It never happened again - until last weekend. Paraclete XP was the second team that placed in front of the reigning U.S. 4-way champions, by one single point.

Paraclete's 4-way teams have always been on the very top level on their home turf at the annual championship. Airspeed's original member Kirk Verner, multiple 4-way and 8-way world champion, and Paraclete owner John D'Annunzion have invited the best of the best into their lineups year by year.

Paraclete XP Indoor 2017
RankAAA Class7,20,G17,J,410,16,B12,F,D,EO,P,22,19K,N,6,153,14,MC,1,2113,2,L9,18,8TotalAvg
1SDC Rhythm XP2825253027272626232326026.0
3Arizona Airspeed2129253127292325232425725.7
5Spaceland Lite2019182621211816161719219.2
6The Four Horsemen1821202319221817141618818.8
7SDMW Next XP2219192016211718181718718.7
8GK Gold26262531202825---18125.9
9CSC Swift1918172116201718171617917.9
11GK Black1513182220181819131517117.1
123 Men and a Babe Jeana1621162115171617151617017.0
13Phoenix XP1716172016171516151616516.5
14DeOrbit Burn1814141416171517161715815.8
15Fabio's Angels1616121615161215131414514.5
16Relentless Strike1313111614141213111212912.9
17Flyin' for Bryan151413811111313101312112.1
18Hotdogs and Kraut12101110911121261110410.4
Multi-functioning: Opening briefing
Brian "BK" Krause has joined the XP4 lineup several times after leaving the Golden Knights, and former Airspeed member Thomas Hughes, who was still in the active lineup at the FAI Mondial 2016, has competed in Paraclete's 8-way lineups before.

This year's lineup was new and completed approximately 1.5 hours of tunnel training time before the competition and then finished with a 25.8 average in 2nd place.

All four XP4 members were also busy with other chores while they competed against the two best U.S. 4-way teams. The above leaderboard is showing the other teams that they were serving as player coaches at the same time. Brian Krause and John D'Annunzio were both in the 3 Men and a Babe Jeana lineup. Thomas Hughes was player coaching CSC Swift, and Kirk Verner won the internal player coaching 4-way competition with the Four Horsemen.

8-way player coaching: 8-way XP
All four XP4 members were also in 8-way teams that entered the flying chamber right after the 4-way teams. Kirk Verner, Thomas Hughes and Brian Krause competed together for XP8, while John D'Annunzio was player coaching the 8-way XP team, with help from Thomas Hughes.

Brian Krause was player coaching three additional 8-way lineups: Elisa and Friends, Veloce Nico's and Veloce Rookies. Kirk Verner filled a slot for Spaceland Lite's 8-way team.

That was still not enough for Kirk Verner and Brian Krause. They were also judging the 4-way competition when they were not in the flying chamber. They got help from some Golden Knights when needed, and Tim D'Annunzio was helping with the 8-way judging. John D'Annunzio was running the meet logistics during the breaks. Once in a while they were even dirtdiving with XP4...

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