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Did You Know...

... that updated power rankings present the field of the French Indoor Nationals 2017?

International Veloce lineup at Paraclete
posted Feb 27th, 2017 - The Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2017 was successfully completed, and the 4-way competition featured the first showdown between SDC Rhythm XP and Arizona Airspeed for this year's top position in the U.S.A. and the ticket to the FAI World Meet 2018 in Australia.

The 4-way competition was exclusively a U.S. affair, with one exception. The Minions, with father and daughter who competed in 8-way last year and two members of the Monaco Parachute/Indoor Team, visited from France. The Laka lineup in the Intermediate Class was also heavily loaded with competitors from South Africa.

The 8-way competition was once again an international event, where Martial Ferre and Damien Sorlin visited with their team members from France and other parts of Europe. The Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up on the event with more stories and videos.

French Indoor Nationals 2017
-NMP PCH HayaBusaBE-------------
-Weembi LilleFR-------------
-Qatar TigersQA-------------
-French Weembi GirlsFR-------------
-Gavroche WeembiFR-------------
-ISR FireFlashBE-------------
-Wom'in FranceFR-------------
-Amnesya RW4 TeamIT-------------
-Qatar Tigers BQA-------------
-Flyzone Les AffranchisFR-------------
-Flyspot Sky4fourPL-------------
-Maubeuge Espoir WeembiFR-------------
-Corbas Coyotes JCMFR-------------
-Shamal LoutresFR-------------
-Vive La Chute Hmmm ShamalFR-------------
-Les ZebrechesFR-------------
-Cindy DelbergueFR-------------
In the meantime, the registration process for the next major indoor event at Weembi in Lille, the French Indoor Nationals 2017, has created a colorful international field of teams with world class competition to be expected.

The updated power rankings are showing the currently two best indoor 4-way teams in the world on the top; however, the team names right behind NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi are just as well known and guarantee an exciting competition at the end of March, as well.

Even though the two French national teams in 4-way Open (RealFly-Sion) and 4-way Women (French Weembi Girls) are not directly in competition with each other for their slots in Australia 2018, they still have been battling for a few years for the 4-way top spot in France.

Wind Games 2017
R.AAA ClassD,2,P,13C,21,11Q,O,17,A6,10,185,E,K,2219,1,F8,20,JL,N,7,916,M,1514,G,H,4TotalAvg
2Weembi LilleFR2927462432312743303132032.0
5French GirlsFR2524412129282339252528028.0
6Gavroche WeembiFR2323371927252236272526426.4
French 4-way Open Class team RealFly-Sion
The 4-way Open Class team clearly had the upper hand at the Wind Games, and the French Girls will be eager to fix the situation and catch up again. However, the main battle has to be expected between Weembi Lille and RealFly-Sion who both want to win and compete for France at the FAI Indoor World Meet in Montreal later this year.

Weembi will have to keep their eyes on the French teams behind them, while they are trying to defeat the Belgian 4-way indoor and outdoor world champions for the first time.

The same event will also feature the first competition of HayaBusa's 8-way partners. The Sun Path Products NSL News introduced ISR FireFlash on 2 January 2017, and the first outing is coming up soon. The same counts for the Fly-In Machine 44 in 8-way where the HayaBusa members enjoy themselves when they don't train for their main event. Several other teams on the power rankings leaderboard have posted scores at the Wind Games, including Qatar Tigers and Amnesya from Italy.

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