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Did You Know...

... that Clean and fast is a winning combination?

NMP PCH HayaBusa at the Wind Games 2017
posted Feb 3rd, 2017 - The first half of the Wind Games 2017 is over, and the first showdown between Weembi Lille and NMP PCH HayaBusa lives up to all expectations.

The Belgian 4-way world champions had a rough start and collected six penalties in the first three rounds, which gave Weembi a 4-point lead. However, HayaBusa was clean and fast in the two following rounds, and that is a winning combination.

The Wind Games is the first of the three confrontations before both teams may or may not have their final showdown at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 at SkyVenture Montreal. French Indoor Nationals at the end of March and the unofficial indoor world championships at the World Challenge in Bedford will both follow soon.

Wind Games 2017
R.AAA ClassD,2,P,13C,21,11Q,O,17,A6,10,185,E,K,2219,1,F8,20,JL,N,7,916,M,1514,G,H,4TotalAvg
1Weembi LilleFR292746(-1)2432(-1)-----15831.6
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE28(-2)27(-1)43(-3)2535-----15831.6
4French GirlsFR2524412129-----14028.0
5Qatar TigersQA232738(-2)2126(-2)-----13527.0
6Gavroche WeembiFR2323(-1)37(-1)1927-----12925.8
7Ninja 4IT2422371824-----12525.0
8Wom'in FranceFR2021331622-----11222.4
9Airheads RealflyCH2017291922-----10721.4
11Amnesya Fly-InIT2020311519-----10521.0
12HF ChicksCZ2018(-1)29(-2)1720(-2)-----10420.8
14Papea MasculinoES1718261720-----9819.6
16Flyspot ChicksPL19(-1)1924(-1)1618(-1)-----9619.2
17Monaco Tunnel TeamMC1718241418-----9118.2
20Flyspot Sky4FourPL1617211519-----8817.6
23Shamal LoutresFR1516201214-----7715.4
24Papea FemininoES11(-2)1720(-2)1315(-1)-----7615.2
26Shamal HautFR1214191014-----6913.8
27Mmmh ShamalFR1413161114-----6813.6
28Not Your MarchHU13(-1)11(-3)17(-3)1112(-1)-----6412.8
The above scoreboard combines multiple events that use the same draw and use sufficiently similar rules and judging.
French national team in 4-way Open at the FAI Mondial 2016
NMP PCH HayaBusa, FAI's defending indoor world champion, does not have a serious challenger in Belgium and will compete in Montreal without a doubt. Weembi Lille still has to qualify by winning the French Indoor Nationals, and there is serious competition for the four former 4-way world champions.

The French national team in 4-way Open, competing under RealFly-Sion in Empuriabrava, will not just hand over to Weembi the French indoor slot for the world meet. RealFly has posted the sole highscore in Round 2 and tied Weembi's highscore in Round 3.

There is a 7-point difference between the two French teams after Round 5; however, the national team has moved significantly closer to Weembi.

Different lineup: NFTO at the Wind Games 2017
Both French teams have competed against each other with the same lineups two times before this week's Wind Games. Weembi was 35 points ahead at the end of the Clash of Champions and 23 points after Round 10 at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2016.

The 7-point difference after Round 5 on Friday indicates that RealFly may continue to reduce the 10-round distance to both top teams at the Wind Games. Then there are almost two whole months for the French national team until the qualification event at the Weembi wind tunnel in Lille.

The French Weembi Girls have to orient themselves once again on the Open Class leaderboard after the departure of the Golden Knights from any 4-way Women leaderboards. Wom'in France, with former national 4-way and 8-way team member Anais Maillet in the lineup, is holding the 2nd place easily for France. However, the French Weembi Girls are performing in a different league, which is the 4-way Open Class.

Bronze medal team mates with Sinapsi PD in 2006: Pete Allum and Livio Piccolo
The Hurricane Factory Chicks are living up to the 20+ average expectations and are holding off NFTO, British bronze medalist at the FAI Mondial 2016. NFTO has come to Empuriabrava with a different lineup though. Catherine Anderson is replacing Maria Russell.

Pete Allum, who lives in Empuriabrava, is back with his Ninja 4 team. The original XL member said that he still cannot "keep his head down". The same counts for one of his former Italian team mates, Livio Piccolo. Together they won bronze medals at the FAI World Meet 2006 in Gera, Germany, with Sinapsi PD. Livio Piccolo replaces Luc Verstrepen who competed with Ninja 4 at last year's Wind Games.

Ninja 4 are battling with French team Gavroche Weembi for the 5th place behind the Qatar Tigers. Former French national coach Jeremie Rollett competes with Gavroche and tries to put pressure on the Qatar Tigers, who he has been coaching since 2015. Julien Olek, Thomas Perrin Gachadoat and Clement Martin Saint Leon complete the Gavroche lineup of four former French 8-way world champions.

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