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Did You Know...

... that there were also world meet rookies in the medal rankings?

NMP PCH HayaBusa with world meet rookie Jeroen "Bob" Nollet
posted Nov 15th, 2016 - The Sun Path Products NSL News introduced some of the world meet rookies with the story on November 7th. One of the featured first-timers was SDC Rhythm XP member JaNette Lefkowitz, who won a gold medal in 4-way Women with the Golden Knights, while the other rookies were recreational 4-way competitors.

JaNette Lefkowitz was not the only top competitor who scored at an FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving the first time. In fact, there were even a few other rookies who won medals at their first world meet, and one of them finished on the very top with a gold medal in 4-way Open.

NMP PCH HayaBusa member Jeroen "Bob" Nollet was the alternate for the Belgian 4-way world champions for several years, who included him in training and had him in the lineup at some meets, as well. However, he had never competed at the prime event of the sport, and Round 1 at the FAI Mondial 2016 was a big deal for him.

France with three 4-way Open Class rookies
He had to replace Roy Janssen in the tail slot after the world meet in Prostejov 2014, where HayaBusa won the first 4-way gold medals for Belgium in history. He had two years for training and competition practice in the active lineup and still had to go into Round 1 at Skydive Chicago as a world meet rookie.

The biggest challenger, Arizona Airspeed, had a lineup with seasoned 4-way competitors and three 4-way world champions of 2012 (Thomas Hughes, Niklas Hemlin, Josh Hall). Thiago Gomes had earlier world meet experiences with the national teams of Brazil and South Africa before winning a silver medal in Prostejov 2014.

The HayaBusa rookie was well prepared after competing at several international high-level meets with his three world champion team mates and videographer Danny Jacobs in the two years since 2014. However, he still had to deliver at the right time, which was Round 1 at the Mondial 2016.

FAI Mondial 2016
Rank4-way Open12,A,1618,15,O1,F,E,C17,B,1410,2,2021,11,GJ,5,19L,M,K,7D,8,43,13,QTotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE2425352619222739232226226.2
2Arizona AirspeedUS2123312618222740232325425.4
4Black CatRU2220302417212433211923123.1
5Qatar TigersQA2120302417202336171822622.6
Qatar Tigers with one world meet rookie
Three members of the French national team were new competitors in 4-way Open at a world meet, as well. All of them had attended previous world meets, and Laurence Herve was still a reigning world champion in 4-way Women before Round 1 at the Mondial.

Charles Rommel and Kevin Mansion were members of the French 8-way bronze medal team in Prostejov 2014, where only Damien Gouriou competed in 4-way Open and ended up without a medal. The FAI Mondial 2016 was the first world meet in 4-way Open for Laurence Herve, Charles Rommel and Kevin Mansion, and they finished with bronze medals.

The Qatar Tigers missed the world meet in Prostejov 2014. However, three members had competed at the FAI Mondial Dubai 2012. Inside Center Yousuf Abdulla Al Janahi was not with the Tigers in Dubai 2012, and Round 1 at the FAI Mondial 2016 was his debut at a World Championship of Formation Skydiving. The Sun Path Products NSL News will introduce several more world meet rookies soon.

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