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Did You Know...

... that the Qatar Tigers have made an undetected move?

Bad luck and under pressure: Arizona Airspeed
posted Aug 10th, 2016 - The recent Sun Path Products NSL News updates have been relating more and more to the upcoming World Championship of Formation Skydiving at the Mondial 2016.

The race for the bronze medals has been a topic for a longer time, as NMP PCH HayaBusa and Arizona Airspeed seemed to be in a league of their own for the gold and silver medals.

This week's unfortunate news from Arizona may change the world meet picture.

Airspeed will surely do everything it takes to find an adequate replacement as quickly as possible, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up as soon as possible.

However, the reigning Belgian 4-way world champions are finding themselves in an even stronger position all of a sudden.

CISM 2016
Rank4-way MenM,3,F,EM,J,M,2M,8,N,BM,1,Q,DM,H,G,4M,P,A,6M,7,O,CM,L,K,5TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusa3838(-1)373832(-4)343232(-2)28135.1
2Qatar Tigers3234(-1)323130332426(-1)24230.3
Qatar Tigers at the Shamrock Showdown 2016
Airspeed's misfortune may also change the race for the bronze medals.

The top contenders (France 4-way Open, Russia's Black Cat, Qatar Tigers) will probably see an opportunity to compete for silver medals now, as Airspeed has only a month to find a replacement and add as many training jumps as possible with the new lineup.

The French 4-way Open Class team has recently posted impressive scores on the 23+ level and is not far from the scoring level where Arizona Airspeed was at the Shamrock Showdown 2016. Black Cat posted a 23+ average already at the World Air Games 2015 in December last year.

The Qatar Tigers were two average points behind Black Cat at the same event (21.4) and posted a similar average (21.5) in DeLand, which did not seem to be competitive enough at that time.

World Air Games 2015
R.AAA ClassB,C,17,2N,19,413,14,F6,E,O,L7,1,AD,18,P,22M,H,5,1516,9,1221,K,G,Q11,20,3TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayabusaBE2926233628233124272226926.9
2Arizona AirspeedUS2927223628192925302026526.5
3Black CatRU2323213021212623271923423.4
4Qatar TigersQA2221172823192719211721421.4
6Dubai Asaar BlackAE2120172020172319201719419.4
8Vision 99UK1812152318151817--13617.0
9Rotor OutAU1716142217152113--13516.9
11AtomiX YUUDE1412142016131714--12015.0
Jeremie Rollett and Mathieu Bernier: Coaching duel at the Mondial 2016?
The Tigers could still be closer to the French and Russian 23/24 average level than it may seem, and the scores at the CISM World Military Parachuting Championship indicate the potential silver/bronze medal challenge from Qatar.

NMP PCH HayaBusa and Qatar Tigers both competed at the CISM championships and at the World Air Games, and the recent HayaBusa scores provide numbers that can also indicate the current outdoor performance level of the Qatar Tigers.

It turns out that the Qatar team with new coach Jeremie Rollett can be expected at a 23+ scoring level with FAI/IPC rules after the 30.3 average at the CISM championships.

French coaches Jeremie Rollett (Qatar Tigers) and Mathieu Bernier (France), former 4-way and 8-way world champion team mates, could become opponents in a tough battle for bronze or silver medals at the Mondial 2016 - depending on Airspeed's situation in September

Shamrock Showdown 2016
RankAAA Class3,13,9G,6,2110,20,1118,4,BF,1,1419,5,7P,Q,16,AC,15,M,12J,L,K,2E,O,22,17TotalAvg
1Arizona AirspeedUS23241922(-1)24242925292424324.3
2French GirlsFR212217212320(-3)2721(-1)2722(-1)22122.1
3Qatar TigersQA1922162119192920282221521.5
4SDC Rhythm XPUS19191519212026(-2)19252120420.4
5Satori XLUK1918(-1)1620192026(-1)18(-2)242220220.2
6TurBu 2.0US15(-1)191515(-1)192024(-1)15(-1)21(-1)2018318.3
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