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Did You Know...

... that NMP PCH HayaBusa sends greetings from Russia?

Opening ceremony at the CISM 2016
image by: Danny Jacobs
posted Jul 28th, 2016 - The 4-way Men competition at the CISM World Military Parachuting Championship was successfully completed, as well, after eight rounds with the special rules and dive pool. The military 4-way teams don't have to deal with exits and a sub-terminal page. The starting formation of each sequence is always a Star (M), and the working time of 35 seconds begins with the break of the Star, or 5 seconds after the exit.

The special CISM rules explain the extraordinary scoring level for all teams, especially for NMP PCH HayaBusa, who won the title for the 8th consecutive time, now with a 35.1 average.

The CISM championship also still applies a cut after Round 7. Four teams completed the finishing Round 8 in 4-way Women, while six teams completed all eight rounds in 4-way Men. The HayaBusa victory was even more dominant than the French performance in 4-way Women, as the Belgiums claimed all eight sole highscores for each round.

NMP PCH HayaBusa at the CISM 2016
However, there was a second team in the 4-way Men field that also competes at the FAI/IPC events. The Qatar Tigers had their complete current lineup at the CISM championship in Russia and finished once again right behind HayaBusa.

The reigning Belgian triple 4-way world champions (indoor, outdoor, military) traveled well prepared to Kubinka in Russia. Outside center Andy Grauwels said that Hayabusa's outdoor season began two weeks after the World Challenge 2016, and his team has made appr. 400 training jumps since mid-April.

The training included a military training camp at the Golden Knights headquarters in Ft. Bragg, where the Belgians shared the barracks with the U.S. Army team: "Each morning we headed out to Laurinburg for a first takeoff at 7am. It was a fun and interesting experience to train side by side", Andy Grauwels remembered.

CISM 2016
Rank4-way MenM,3,F,EM,J,M,2M,8,N,BM,1,Q,DM,H,G,4M,P,A,6M,7,O,CM,L,K,5TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusa3838(-1)373832(-4)343232(-2)28135.1
2Qatar Tigers3234(-1)323130332426(-1)24230.3
4Czech Republic273029262928252622027.5
Russian lunch break in Kubinka
image by: Danny Jacobs
He said that HayaBusa being a part of the military gave them the great opportunity to train side by side with the very best teams in the world - Golden Knights 8-way and Golden Knights 4-way Women: "We have great respect and want to show our gratitude for the way we have been accepted by the U.S. Army, and both teams were an example in how professional and dedicated their training and facilities are."

However, HayaBusa have also been working hard with their civilian coach Gary Smith in the meantime:

"We've been putting a lot of effort in our exits and hill work during the last few camps at Skydive Empuriabrava, and we've noticed that our results and the general feelings have improved since the World Air Games 2015. Although the World Championship in Chicago is coming up in about 40 days, we do know we need some extra training jumps to be able to be on our peak level when we go up against our opponents."

Not this year: NMP PCH HayaBusa over Dubai
image by: Danny Jacobs
NMP PCH HayaBusa has been well aware of the latest Airspeed developments. Andy Grauwels said that his team welcomes new outside center Ari Perelman: "I am sure he knows best that he has the most difficult job in making sure the team comes back on the same level where they were at the end of the 2016 season. But if we can give him one advice: never give up, it's been done in the past, just give it your best."

HayaBusa is really looking forward to the Mondial 2016 and the second part of the season, including the FAI Indoor World Cup in Poland. The Belgians are sad that Dubai cancelled their in- and outdoor meets at the end of November/December: "In the last five years it's been a meet that we always looked forward to."

All HayaBusa members were wishing all fellow national teams good luck for the remainder of the 2016 season, including "the very best training conditions, and let them stay healthy and free of injuries. Hopefully we can all contribute in making these ten rounds our very best jumps ever..."

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