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Did You Know...

... that teams in Virginia needed the USPA rulebook to break a tie last weekend?

AA Class winner Z-Hills PreciZion
posted Jun 22nd, 2016 - Last weekend's overall leaderboard is complete after the scores from the second 2016 competition of the Virginia Parachute Council were added. All four VPC teams competed in the same category (AA) and ended up behind Z-Hills PreciZion of the Florida Skydiving League.

Suffolk Sabotage stole the highscore for Round 1 from the FSL team, who suffered two point deductions in the same round. Suffolk Sabotage, who also post Indoor Cloud League scores for iFLY Virginia Beach on a regular basis, finished far ahead of the other VPC teams.

However, a serious battle too place right behind Sabotage, with Where's Chris? and Sister Wives tied in 2nd place after the five rounds at the Virginia Skydiving Center.

June 18th, 2016
RankAAA Class13,6,191,B,E,15O,K,P,411,22,103,5,G2,8,QTotalAvg
1DeLand MomentumFSL7116(-1)6(-1)10-408.0
RankAA Class13,61,B,EO,K,P,411,22G,19,152,8TotalAvg
1Z-Hills PreciZionFSL5(-2)10(-1)1388(-1)9538.8
2Suffolk SabotageVPC791055-367.2
3Where's Chris?VPC35622-183.6
4Sister WivesVPC25533-183.6
5Royal PainsVPC1331--82.0
RankA Class6,4B,E,21O,K,P7,CG,192,8TotalAvg
2DeLand KickersFSL3911(-2)1--246.0
AA Class 2nd place: Suffolk Sabotage
VPC Director John Meyer reported from Virginia that there was not enough daylight left for a jump-off round, and he had to get deep into the rulebook to break the tie.

He used USPA's Competition Manual and found the current tie-breaking rule in Chapter 9 for Formation Skydiving competition: " The fastest time (measured to the hundredths of a second) to the last common scoring formation after the jump off, or if a jump off is not possible, after the last completed round of scheduled competition."

The USPA definition matches the latest rule changes of the International Parachuting Commission (IPC), which the Sun Path Products NSL News explained on May 19th.

4-way challenge: King Air door
Where's Chris? had the faster completion, even though Sister Wives won the last two rounds, and was declared the team in 2nd place.

John Meyer said that the VPC teams had great weather but were challenged by the exits from the small door of a King Air: "Most used a B-slot H for their exit, with varying degrees of success."

The next VPC competition is scheduled for July 16th, and the Florida Skydiving League teams will once again compete at the same time, together with more teams from the Midwest and the Southern Skydiving League. There will also be meets in France and Great Britain on the same weekend.

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