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Did You Know...

... that last weekend's combined SCSL/MWSL leaderboard includes prominent names?

Eight MWSL teams at Skydive Chicago
posted Jun 8th, 2016 - Last weekend featured the first combined leaderboard of the year. There have been earlier weekends where different leagues and events were scheduled for the same dates. Unfortunately, the weather interfered too much at the different locations, and no combined leaderboard could be produced so far.

The weather was far from perfect last weekend, as well, as a good number of scores are missing. However, it was good enough at Skydive Perris and Skydive Chicago for at least one common round in all four categories.

In fact, it was only AAA Class team CSC Survival Instinct who did not get beyond Round 1. The Midwest Skydiving League team was back with last year's lineup and used the team's only round of the meet to launch the 2016 season with a new highscore for a single round. The new AAA Class team SDC Swift completed four rounds at the same location and started with a promising 12.5 average.

June 4th, 2016
RankAAA ClassM,P,F,E,1916,10,Q9,5,NJ,4,L,1221,K,13C,18,15TotalAvg
1CSC Survival InstinctMWSL21(-1)-----2121.0
2SDC SwiftMWSL17101310--5012.5
3SDC Jetstream TangoMWSL18(-1)8(-2)11---3712.3
4Event HorizonSCSL12(-2)9139910(-1)6210.3
5Flight SPSCSL179(-1)9108(-1)5(-4)589.7
Dan BC with Flight SP
All teams in Southern California completed six rounds in Perris. Except for Survival Instinct, the two other MWSL teams actually had a much tougher battle with the SCSL teams than the leaderboard rankings are showing. Each round was contested by all four teams behind the 1st place, and the two SCSL teams were separated by only four points after six rounds.

Two former Arizona Airspeed 4-way world champions were involved at the SCSL meet in Perris. Josh Hall, Point of Airspeed's world champion lineup in Dubai 2012, was the meet director, as he and Yvonne "Yo" Owyeong are running the Southern California League.

Dan BC, multiple Airspeed 4-way and 8-way world champion in the 90's and 20's, was even actively engaged and completed six rounds in the Flight SP lineup.

June 4th, 2016
RankAA ClassM,P,F,EQ,19,D9,N,HJ,4,L21,K,13C,18,15TotalAvg
1SDC RhemixMWSL21121512--6015.0
2SDC eXtremeMWSL197(-1)117--4411.0
3Nacho KeySCSL1761065(-1)6508.3
4SDMW 2GPRDMWSL955---196.3
SDC Rhemix with Christy Frikken at the World Challenge 2016
The Midwest Skydiving League teams had prominent competitors in their lineups, as well. SDC Rhythm XP's Inside Center JaNette Lefkowitz was also the player coach for SDC Rhemix last weekend. Christy Frikken, her Rhythm team mate of 2013 - 2015, had taken the Rhemix slot at the World Challenge 2016, where JaNette Lefkowitz competed with her own team for the world's top spots. Her husband and Rhythm's new Outside Center Steve Lefkowitz was the player coach for SDC Jetstream Tango.

SDC eXtreme was back with three 2015 members (Stanley Bukala, Gene Keturakis, Vince Kramolinski) and new Point Andrzej Nycz for a start on a very different performance level. The team project began on a 4-5 average level in the A Class of 2014, and SDC eXtreme moved up into the AA Class last year with similar scores.

The 11.0 average in the AA Class last weekeend after four rounds was boosted by the sequence of only random formations in Round 1. However, it was a very promising outdoor start for SDC eXtreme, and the scores confirmed the 13.1 average that the same lineup had posted at the IBA indoor competition in Rosemont a month ago.

June 4th, 2016
RankA ClassM,P,FQ,199,NJ,421,KC,E,DTotalAvg
1The Fours of BabylonSCSL744(5)(2)(4)155.0
2SDMW NixedMWSL644---144.7
2SDC MockupsMWSL734---144.7
Awards in Perris with SCSL Director Josh Hall and Dan BC
Nacho Key was the only AA Class team in Perris and is back with a new team name and two new members. Martin Kail, Arvin Tseng and videographer Jason Reis competed with Perris Franz in the AA Class last year. Spyros and Cat Isgrigg completed last weekend's lineup and posted a new team record average.

All A Class and Rookie Class teams were new, at Skydive Chicago as well as in Perris, and the A Class teams had the closest battle on the whole leaderboard. The two MWSL teams ended up tied after their three rounds, and The Fours of Babylon were up by one point after the same three rounds in Perris.

The SCSL teams completed three more rounds, which changed the meet average for The Fours of Babylon. However, the A Class winner after Round 3 comes from the Southern California Skydiving League.

June 4th, 2016
14Play with JoshSCSL4516(-1)1(-1)1183.0
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