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Did You Know...

... that France is back on medal level in 4-way Open?

France FLY-IN with coach Marin Ferre at the World Challenge
posted Apr 18th, 2016 - The 4-way Open Class competition at the World Challenge 2016 did not only include the next NMP PCH Hayabusa winning party and the impressive performance by the French FLY-IN Girls. It was also a very interesting step on the road to a set of word meet medals for a few other teams.

Gold and silver medals seem to be in solid possession of NMP PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed, disregarding the outcome between the two top contenders. However, the race for the bronze medals seems to become a most exciting one - which it was already in Bedford.

The French national team in 4-way Open has been in the shadow of the French FLY-IN Girls since both teams were put together after the World Meet 2014 in Prostejov, where the French Girls won and the Open Class team missed a medal for the first time in modern history of Formation Skydiving competition (1985).

World Challenge 2016
RankAAA ClassP,2,108,F,15G,14,17L,H,E,13M,7,O,116,21,11N,D,4,918,20,AG,19,3C,K,B,22TotalAvg
3FLY-IN FranceFR2426263432233323272827627.6
4Qatar TigersQA2226253134233323273127527.5
4Black CatRU2126253331223325263327527.5
8Satori XLUK2325223029203324242825825.8
Ready for action in Bedford: France FLY-IN
Not much has changed, as the new French Open Class lineup has recently still ended up behind the 4-way Women team after winning the first two internal French showdowns last year. However, a closer look at the situation between the potential bronze medal contenders at this year's Mondial 2016 is showing a much more promising picture for FLY-IN.

The French Open Class team finished ahead of the Russian national team Black Cat for the first time since the new lineup came together.

Black Cat had won the silver medals at the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships and then the bronze medals at the World Air Games 2015. Russia is one of the top contenders for the bronze medals this year.

France FLY-IN also outscored the Qatar Tigers who were ahead at the last two meets that both teams attended (Clash of Champions, World Air Games). It was a very close race between the national teams from France, Russia and Qatar in Bedford, however, France is back in medal contention in 4-way Open.

First meet of the new Open Class lineup at the World Cup 2015
Laurence Herve is a reigning world champion in 4-way Women and became the first French female competitor in the national Open Class team when she was selected in 2015. Damien Gouriou was in the French Open Class lineup Volt'R of 2013 and 2014, while Charles Rommel and Kevin Mansion trained and competed with the French 8-way team Venturi in the same time period.

Marin Ferre has been coaching the new 4-way Open Class lineup, after two years of the previous lineup with player coaches Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen.

Mathieu Bernier has recently been working with the French FLY-IN Girls.

There is an additional contender for the 3rd place at the Mondial 2016, the reigning bronze medalist, Evolution from Canada, who have not competed this year yet with the current lineup. Three team members posted a 25.8 average at the Canadian Indoor Nationals 2016, with Nick Grillet in the lineup for Vincent Lemay. There could be five bronze medal contenders this year, and one of them would not event make it to the finals in Round 10...

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