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Did You Know...

... that iFLY Orlando added seven points to the Indoor Cloud League August account?

DeLand Flashpoint at iFLY Orlando
posted Aug 29th, 2015 - Florida's Indoor Cloud League team came back together at iFLY Orlando last Thursday to add a few more points to the ICL August account.

Five lineups took on the same August sequences that the earlier group on August 13th had mastered with a total of 102 points. Last Thursday's ICL team actually lost the internal competition with the first ICL team at iFLY Orlando by six points. However, two of the five lineups were able to improve the previous scores.

DeLand Flashpoint showed up with the complete lineup (Jairo Garcia, Steve Hubbard, Alix Raymond, Jim Prochaska) and turned the previous 13-pointer into the new A Class score of 15 points for iFLY Orlando. The A Class sequence (O,G,6) could also be drawn for the AA/Intermediate Class competition at the USPA Nationals, where Flashpoint plans to compete in October.

iFLY Orlando - AugustAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
August 131617131318(-4)25102
August 2711141518162296
Best of August1617151818(-4)25109
Jairo Garcia, Steve Hubbard, Alix Raymond, Jim Prochaska111415---
Hal Spence, Sebastian Jimenez, Betsy Waite, Megan Walker--111516-
Sebastian Jimenez, Cathy Luo, Michael Rendon, Mark Messersmith---181622
Brad Weinberg, Nicolas Davis, Ramon Chesa, Siddarth Choudhury---171421
Kurt Gaebel, Hal Spence, Jim Prochaska, Noel Damouni-----10
Michael Rendon - Mark Messersmith - Cathy Luo - Hal Spence
DeLand Flashpoint also performed the AAA and AA sequences, where the previous lineup for these two categories had posted reasonable scores on August 13th, which are still standing after Flashpoint's challenge. The DeLand team could also find the AA Class sequence (O,6,14) in the draw for the USPA Nationals.

Flashpoint also took on the AAA Class sequence, but only as a fun test. The AA/Intermediate Class dive pool does not include any slot switchers, and Block 3 (Side Flake Opal - Turf) was new territory for the team.

The second lineup that added new ICL points to the iFLY Orlando account performed the RRR Class sequence. Sebastian Jimenez, Cathy Luo, Michael Rendon and Mark Messersmith improved the previous score by five points, after a close internal competition with two other FSL lineups last Thursday.

August 2015AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
1Hurricane Factory (CZ)262418201521(-1)124
2iFLY Orlando (US)1617151818(-4)25109
3Indoor Skydive Roosendaal (NL)2413----37
Brand-new ICL competitor with iFLY suit: Noel Damouni (right)
Sebastian Jimenez trained and competed with Zunday from Skydive City a few years ago, and Cathy Luo was in the first DeLand Aurai lineup. Mark Messersmith currently trains and competes with team ZeuS, and new ICL competitor Michael Rendon completed this RRR Class lineup.

The internal competition came from two DeLand Falcons members (Brad Weinberg, Nicolas Davis), who teamed up with Ramon Chesa and Siddarth Choudhury, who competed with Rookie Class team SDC Foursight at two Midwest Skydiving League meets earlier this year.

Two Bald + Beautiful members (Betsy Waite, Megan Walker) also performed two of the same sequences, together with Hal Spence and Sebastian Jimenez, and they tied the FSL highscore for the RR Class sequence. Noel Damouni was brand-new to the ICL competition and performed his first 4-way formations with a borrowed iFLY suit...

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