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Did You Know...

... that a few French competitors have double duties at the World Cup?

Monaco Parachute Team in action
posted Aug 26th, 2009 - The NSL News story on 24 August 2009 came along with scores of the French Nationals 2009. The teams had completed seven rounds at that time. Eventually, two more rounds were completed later for a 9-round competition, and Aerokart Amada also has a score for the 10th round.

The team in 1st place is still the same, even though Aerokart Amada cannot officially win the championship as one of the national B-Teams. The last two rounds still had a significant impact on the rankings, as the Monaco Parachute Team turned the table at the very end. Didier Boignon, Laurent Hayot, Stephane Mattoni, Jeff Ronzevalle and Claude Ferraro (Camera) battled with Exosphere Chalon for the top "amateur spot" throughout the whole meet.

Monaco had lost a lot of ground in the fastest round of the meet (Round 2: K,J,Q,9) and was trying to catch up for the remainder of the competition. It was still a 2-point difference going into Round 9 after Monaco's 7-point loss early in the meet. Then Chalon lost the same number of points to Monaco in the last round, and the championship title went to Monaco once again. The 15.4 average was Monaco's highest result of the 2009 season.

Maubeuge Holidays at the USPA Nationals 2008
image by: Omniskore
The story of the top team on the leaderboard, Aerokart Amada, needs a few corrections. The meet story mentioned Guillaume Bajolet, Florian Denonfoux, Martial Ferré and William Hamouchi as the team's lineup. This was actually the Amada lineup of 2008.

Amada 2008 member Guillaume Bajolet then competed with Erwan Pouliquen, Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat and Patrick Boulongne under Maubeuge Holidays at the USPA Nationals in Eloy. Florian Denonfoux could not make the trip to Arizona, and Erwan Pouliquen filled in for him. Only Guillaume Bajolet and Florian Denonfoux continued with Aerokart Amada in 2009, and Maubeuge Holidays team mates Patrick Boulongne and Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat were added to the lineup.

Martial Ferré switched to 8-way and continued with player coach Erwan Pouliquen in France's new national 8-way team. Maubeuge Holidays 2008 and Amada 2009 member Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat was also selected for the 8-way lineup, together with Amada's videographer Sylvain Girault who is filming the French 8-way team, as well.

Aerokart Amada 2009 lineup
Guillaume Bajolet (Point), Patrick Boulongne (Center Inside), Florian "Foux" Denonfoux (Tail) and Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat (Center Outside) have made approx. 180 training jumps together this year and completed approx. seven hours of wind tunnel training.

Team member Guillaume Bajolet reported that Aerokart Amada suffered two point deductions at the French Nationals 2009 and probably lost some points in rounds two and nine. Other than that, his team was satisfied with the results and in great spirits after the meet.

The FAI World Cup 2009 is next on Aerokart Amada's agenda. Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat will have to switch back and forth between 4-way and 8-way competition in Prostejov, together with his videographer Sylvain Girault, while Guillaume Bajolet, Patrick Boulongne and Florian Denonfoux compete only in 4-way.

Still double duties for Mathieu Bernier (top left)
Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat and Sylvain Girault are not the only French competitors with double duties at the FAI World Cup 2009. 8-way world champion and 4-way silver medalist with France Maubeuge, Mathieu Bernier, is the only one who continues to compete in both French national teams, 8-way and 4-way. His brother Guillaume, Julien Degen and Jeremie Rollet focus only on the 4-way event this year.

The competition jumps at the FAI World Cup 2009 begin on Tuesday next week. There are five days to complete the Formation Skydiving events. Jiri Blaska is the Meet Director in the Czech Republic and will decide in which order the events will be run.

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