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Did You Know...

... that Richard and Yannick Bisson scored for iFLY Orlando last week?

Yannick and Richard Bisson with Florida's AAA/AA Class lineup
posted Apr 13th, 2015 - The April competition of the Indoor Cloud League began with the first scores coming from SkyVenture New Hampshire, where Brian Touhey recruited Colleen Cusack, Jill Lavachia and Jenn Cook to perform the AAA - AA - A Class sequences. iFLY Orlando followed up last week when teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League came together for the first time this month.

Actually, last Thursday's group did not consist only of participants from Florida. The Bisson family was visiting again from Canada, and Florida's Indoor Cloud League group welcomed Richard and Yannick Bisson to join the event at iFLY Orlando last week.

The Sun Path Products NSL News had used an earlier family trip to Florida for an update on 29 December 2014. Fuzion member Valerie Bisson could not make the family trip this time. Only Father Richard and son Yannick Bisson were helping Sebastian Jimenez and Kurt Gaebel to post the iFLY Orlando scores for the AAA and AA Class sequences.

9 April 2015AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Kurt Gaebel, Sebastian Jimenez, Yannick Bisson, Richard Bisson222131---74
Hal Spence, James Hall, Andrea Geering, Mariuschka Lovera18(-1)1930(-4)---67
Alix Raymond, Steve Hubbard, Jim Prochaska, Jairo Garcia-1221(-1)1430-77
Alison Bawden, Amer Kassas, Rodrigo Espinosa, Cathy Luo-12151617-60
Kurt Gaebel, Sebastian Jimenez, Michael Rendon, Jean Reilly----13(-1)99
New AAA Class team DeLand Momentum
Richard and Yannick Bisson are the front piece for their 4Astrophe team. The two FSL competitors joined forces in the rear piece, which brought Sebastian Jimenez to his first experiences with the Inside Center slot. It was an even more challenging job for him, as the AAA Class sequence included Block 17 with a slot switcher. 13-year old Yannick Bisson moved up into the AAA Class world this year and has shown earlier that memory and B-slots are not a problem for him.

The AAA Class combination of iFLY Orlando and SkyVenture Montreal competitors had internal competition in this category. DeLand Momentum is a new AAA Class team and consists of Mariuschka Lovera, Andrea Geering, Hal Spence and James Hall. Both lineups challenged each other for the iFLY Orlando scores on the ICL leaderboard in two of the six categories. Both teams also performed the A Class sequence for warm-up rounds.

Richard and Yannick Bisson are back in Canada by now and will soon come up with the scores of their own 4Astrophe lineup for SkyVenture Montreal.

April 2015AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie RRRRookie RRRookie RTotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)222121(-1)16179106
2SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)12(-1)1722---51
Alison Bawden, Leslie Eggenberger, Amer Kassas, Rodrigo Espinosa
DeLand Flashpoint could not keep up with the scores of the two AAA Class lineups. However, the new team took on the two sequences (AA - A) that could be drawn in USPA's Intermediate Class competition and posted the 21-pointer for iFLY Orlando.

DeLand Momentum and DeLand Flashpoint both also used the ICL event last week to warm up for the first outdoor competition of the Florida Skydiving League this year, which followed two days later at Skydive DeLand.

Alison Bawden, Amer Kassas, Rodrigo Espinosa and Leslie Eggenberger posted two highscores (RRR - RR) and outscored DeLand Flashpoint in the RRR Class. The AA Class team will be eager to take back the top score in this category at the next ICL event. Michael Rendon and new ICL competitor Jean Reilly performed the R Class sequence for the FSL group. iFLY Orlando starts the April competition with a total of 106 points.

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