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Did You Know...

... that temperatures in the mid 30s could not hold back one iFLY Orlando lineup from posting highscores?

posted Feb 20th, 2015 - It was simply brutal.

Florida's Indoor Cloud League group had scheduled the next training and competition event for Thursday, February 19th at iFLY Orlando.

The Florida weather usually allows skydiving and tunnel flying almost at any time of the year without too much trouble. However, it can get cold in the winter, and it was very cold on Thursday night.

iFLY Orlando is operating the first vertical skydiving wind tunnel and was built in 1998.

The tunnel air was not re-circulating in the early designs of wind tunnels, and the outside temperature (mid 30s on Thursday night) is identical with the one inside the flying chamber.

The consistent "wind chills" of approx. 105 mph do not help much to reduce the pain for any indoor flyer. Those were the flying conditions at iFLY Orlando on Thursday night...

February 2015AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie RRRRookie RRRookie RTotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)282723242222146
2Skydive Arena (CZ)242323261715128
Florida Indoor Cloud League group at iFLY Orlando
However, the group of five teams braved the tough conditions and had to master once again the infamous Cataccord (Random Formation G) in iFLY Orlando's 12-foot flying chamber.

Ten participants came even earlier (9 PM) to add an hour of indoor training before the start of the Indoor Cloud League competition at 11 PM. They were barely warmed up again when it was time for the next hour in the cold flying chamber.

The earlier flying session included the training of a lineup that is also registered for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2015, with former Arizona Airspeed and XL member Brian Johnson guiding the team.

Brian Johnson had enough after the first hour, while Yvonne Saa, James Hall and Kurt Gaebel came back an hour later for more cold air.

However, the tough conditions could not keep one of the five lineups from improving the previous iFLY Orlando scores in the Rookie R and RR categories.

19 February 2015AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Kurt Gaebel, Sebastian Jimenez, James Hall, Yvonne Saa--21(-1)31--52
Alix Raymond, Steve Hubbard, Jim Prochaska, Jairo Garcia--1821--39
Sebastian Jimenez, Jessica Strayer, Alison Bawden, Cathy Luo--17(-1)19(-1)222280
James Hall, Bob Palatka, Shanise Dietels, Taylor Rombold--910111141
Steve Hubbard, Michael Patterson, Mark Messersmith, Chris Rhodes--7510628
Cathy Luo, Alison Bawden, Jessica Strayer, Sebastian Jimenez
Three brave ladies (Jessica Strayer, Alison Bawden, Cathy Luo) and Sebastian Jimenez took on the Cataccord in two of the Rookie Class categories and added a total of 12 points to the iFLY Orlando account for the month of February.

There was internal Florida competition again between two lineups for the best scores in the A and RRR Class sequences, and between three linups in the A - RRR - RR - R categories.

However, only Jessica Strayer, Alison Bawden, Cathy Luo and Sebastian Jimenez were able to score better than the previously posted Florida highscores.

Sebastian Jimenez, James Hall, Yvonne Saa and Kurt Gaebel scored higher in the Rookie RRR Class, as well.

This lineup is still not ICL eligible in those categories and could use the sequence only for training purposes. The 31-pointer did not make it to the current ICL leaderboard for February.

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