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Did You Know...

... that the Czech Nationals 2009 brought several national records?

Awards for the Czech AAA Class teams,...
posted Aug 14th, 2009 - One of the several national championships that were completed last week was the Czech Nationals 2009. It was another record event in many ways.

The competition draw for the weekend offered the opportunity for high scores and high meet averages, and the defending and new champion, the Skywalkers, took full advantage of it. Jirí Jirman (Point), Jan Lukavec (Center Inside), Štepán Tuma (Tail), Zbynek Živný (Center Outside) and Petr Brož (Camera) have also been the Czech national team of the past years and defended the top position successfully.

The Skywalkers set new Czech record scores for a single round two times on the way to a new Czech record meet average after ten rounds. The 23-pointer in Round 7 (E,C,J,F,7) lasted for two rounds before the Czech national champions posted a 25-pointer (B,L,O,Q,P) in Round 10. The 15.9 average is significantly higher than any other Czech meet average after ten rounds.

... for the AA Class teams...
The 15.9 record average is even more impressive since the Skywalkers beat their own 15.1 average, which was scored at the Czech Indoor Championship 2009 in April at Bodyflight Bedford.

The competition draw for the wind tunnel competition in April did not allow for any record scores. However, indoor scores are usually significantly higher than any outdoor scores.

The scores of the new Czech 4-way champion were not the only highscores of the national championships. Jan Klapka, founder of the Czech Republic Skydiving League and Tail of the Bad Boys, reported that the eleven teams at the event also stand for the highest meet attendance in the history of Formation Skydiving competition in the Czech Republic.

...and for the Rookie Class teams
The NSL News reported already quite a few times how Jan Klapka carefully developed his national 4-way community year after year. He added competition classes according to his plans, and most of the teams that ever joined the Czech 4-way community are still around.

The eleven teams at the national championships included five Rookie Class teams, which is another record in itself. There is a very good chance that the Czech Republic will have a great A Class competition next year when some of the Rookie Class teams will move up to the next competition class.

Crazy Dragons and Relative Team battled at two earlier meets this year and took turns winning the Rookie Class. Crazy Dragons then came up with the best performance of the 2009 season at the right time and walked away with a 15-point lead over Touch Team and a 10.6 outdoor record average for the Czech Republic Rookie Class competition.

AA Class winner Fast Arrows
The AA Class competition brought the next record scores. Fast Arrows broke through the 10-average mark for the first time in the team's history and won the Czech national championships in this category.

Fast Arrows is also holding the 2009 record for meet attendance.

The flexible lineup, with currently seven players (Jan Cermák, Michal Ebermann, Martina Hejna, Jirina Klapkova, Martin Kratochvíl, Jan Petrícek, Pepa Stolin, Jitka Hejlová on camera), attended seven different 4-way competitions this year, including the Czech Indoor Championship 2009 and the World Challenge 2009. Jan Cermák, founder of the team, competed at each of the seven meets.

Bad Boys with Fan Club
Jan Klapka's Bad Boys posted their highest scores for a single round in the team's AAA Class history, as well. Jan Klapka said that his team did not have the most consistent competition with some good and some bad rounds.

However, the 21-pointer in Round 7 and the 23-pointer in Round 10 paid back for the other slower rounds.

The record participation at the national championships of the Czech Republic was a great test for the upcoming FAI World Cup 2009, which will take place in the Czech Republic, as well. The Falcon Air skydiving center in Prostejov will welcome the teams this year, and the participation is already up on the attendance numbers of 2007. The NSL News will be live at the competition site, and the next previews will be coming soon.

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