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Did You Know...

... that the first NSL scores of last weekend's events are from Carolina?

Meet briefing at Skydive Carolina
image by: Chad Wilcox
posted Jun 28th, 2005 - The scores of the European Skydiving League came in much faster last weekend and were mostly posted already during the meet activities across the ocean. The Carolina Skydiving League has followed with a complete update, provided by CASL Director Randy Garman and CaSL webmaster Rhonda Wilcox. Here is Garman's meet summary:

Although the weather threatened to cut the day short, the smooth running staff of Skydive Carolina enabled the 3rd CaSL meet for 2005 to complete all six rounds on Saturday. Special thanks to Eric the pilot as the Otter did not shut down all day, if you know what I mean. Danny and Annette Smith were very accommodating hosts and even provided a dedicated manifester, Elizabeth Fowler, who kept the teams moving and did a great job. Once again, Dale Bragg of the Acceleration Station served up good food all day and a home-style dinner that will be hard to beat.

Carolina Ice
image by: Chad Wilcox
Ten teams registered: two in the AAA/Open/Advanced Class, six in the AA/Intermediate Class and two in the Introductory/Rookie Class. Team Paraclete from the AAA/Open/Advance Class and Fox Force 4 from the AA/Intermediate Class both withdrew due to injuries caused by hard openings. Both injuries appeared to be minor, and quick recoveries are expected. Lost in Space, a pickup team, scored 40 points after six rounds to average 6.7 in the AAA/Open/Advanced Class and earned a gold medal.

In the AA/Intermediate Class, Carolina Ice had a raw score of 68 to average 11.3 and earned the Meet Champion Award. Insane, in their first meet since moving up from the Introductory/Rookie Class, placed 2nd in raw scores with 52 points and an 8.7 average to earn 3rd place after handicap with a score of 68.20 points. Raeford Fury posted a raw score of 40 points and a 6.7 average to place 2nd with 70.00 points after handicap. Ready Set Go had a raw score of 41 points, a 6.8 average and a handicapped score of 75.20 to win the 1st place.

Raeford Skycatz
image by: Chad Wilcox
The Introductory/Rookie Class finished four rounds with Carolina Curves taking home the silver medals and Raeford Skycatz winning the gold medals with 29 points and a 7.3 average. The Rigging Solutions Best Video Award was earned by Chad Wilcox who was rewarded with a check of $100.00 dollars from Rigging Solutions for his achievement.

I would like to express my gratitude to Rodney Cruce and Chris Talbert who worked all day as our judges and coaches for this meet. Their efforts allowed me the time to fill in for a missing MTS team member and compete in this meet. A special gift certificate was given to Rhonda Wilcox, the CaSL webmaster, for all her hard work keeping everyone informed by maintaining the web site, posting the draws and the meet results. Thanks again, Rhonda, for all that you do for us!

Fox Force 4
image by: Chad Wilcox
Throughout the meet, a special fundraising effort was made by four members of Fox Force 4. Pam Riggs, Laura Kraus, Karen Wood and Portia Hill will be going to Jump for the Cause 2005. JFTC is a Women's World Record and Breast Cancer fundraising event held once every three years in California. The generous competitors and spectators helped Fox Force 4 raise almost $500 of the $10,000 donation required to attend the event. The ladies extend their heart-felt thanks to all who donated.

Raeford is next and I hope to see you all there.

Blue Skies, Randy Garman, CaSL Director 2005

CaSL sponsor Paraclete
The CaSL meet page finally reminds the CaSL teams and competitors that Paraclete Armor and Equipment is sponsoring the CaSL 2005 Champion in the AA/Intermediate Class and the CaSL 2005 Champion in the Introductory/Rookie Class. Paraclete will pay for registration and competition jumps at either the NSL Championship 2005 or the USPA Champtionship 2005. Also, Rigging Solutions is sponsoring the $100 Videographer Award for the 2005 season for each meet.
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