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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both available and confirmed as jump planes

Did You Know...

... that the 5th DIPC 2014 has a jackpot of over $150,000 in Formation Skydiving competition?

Ready for action: New NMP-PCH Hayabusa lineup
posted Nov 25th, 2014 - It's time again for the annual Dubai International Parachuting Championship, which will be hosted this year for the 5th time by Skydive Dubai.

The 5th Dubai International Parachuting Championship promises once again exciting competition, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will provide live coverage from Dubai. NMP-PCH Hayabusa, the new 4-way world champions, are going through the first serious test with the new lineup. Arizona Airspeed will not be in Dubai, however, the Canadian bronze medalists of the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014, Evolution, will make it very difficult for the Belgians to win the $15,000 for the 1st place in 4-way Open.

In fact, the 5th DIPC 2014 could become a very profitable event for the Canadians, as they will also add $15,000 for the 1st place in 4-way VFS to their purse. Evolution has signed up once again in both events, and there is only one other team competing in 4-way VFS, a new lineup from Poland.

4-way Open and 4-way VFS: Evolution
SDC Rhythm XP will try to be a part of the top competition between Hayabusa and Evolution on the 4-way Open Class leaderboard and will at least take home the $7,500 for the 3rd place. The 2nd place will be rewarded with $11,000.

There might also be a good battle for the best position behind the three cash spots. The Tigers, Qatar's strong national 4-way team, and Dubai Asaar Black, in 6th place at this year's world meet with Craig Girard, have to fend off Black Cat from Russia, who recently warmed up with a training camp in DeLand.

While Aerokart Deep Blue just celebrated a reunion of three original members at the FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, the French Girls now get their turn at the 5th DIPC 2014. There is no doubt that the French world champions will take their own $15,000 for the 1st place in 4-way Women.

Back in Dubai: Three Aerodyne French Girls world champions
It's not the same lineup in Dubai that won the gold medals in Prostejov. Christine Malnis, Sophia Pecout and Laurence Herve have Anais Maillet in the Dubai lineup, with Michel Laynaud on camera. Anais Maillet is the new team member and will continue with Christine Malnis and Sophia Pecout after Dubai. Laurence Herve will train and compete in 4-way Open for France.

The other new team member of the French Girls, Clementine Le Bohec, had her first very strong showing with Aerokart Deep Blue in Austin. Now it's Anais Maillet's turn to impress the audience and the competition.

The competition for the two other cash spots ($11,000 - $7,500) in 4-way Women seems to be wide open. The German Chicas, Torque from Canada, Russia's national team Infra Red Band with a different lineup, Dubai Asaar Ladies and a US lineup with well trained 4-way competitors (Amanda Lampton, Kristina Peterson, Christina West, Rhonda Wilcox, Chad Wilcox on camera) may offer an exciting competition behind the French Girls.

4th DIPC 2013 8-way winner: Dubai Asaar 8-way team
The 8-way teams will compete for a total of $58,500 ($27,000 - $18,000 - $13,500) and the absence of the Golden Knights leaves the door open for any other teams. France has sent a colorful combination of former 4-way and 8-way world champions (Jeremie Rollett, Thomas Perrin Gachadoat), newer members of the national 4-way and 8-way teams (Damien Gouriou, Anais Maillet) and national B-Team members to Dubai, including national coach Jeremie Rollett, who has won gold medals in 4-way and 8-way.

Monaco Vitalsea has the complete 4-way lineup in Dubai (Didier Boignon, Stephane Mattoni, Jeff Ronzevalle, Franck Vazille). Five experienced and strong 4-way and 8-way competitors (Yves Negrie, Pierre Auvray, Florian Denonfoux-Pourret, Martial Ferre, Paul Grisoni) complete the lineup, including former 4-way and 8-way world champion Martial Ferre. Claude Ferraro is still on camera for Monaco Vitalsea.

Dubai Asaar's 8-way team will try to defend the 8-way title of the 4th DIPC 2014 on home turf, and Russia has a strong 8-way lineup, as well. Germany's 8-way pickup team has a lot of experience (Thomas Spielvogel, Uli Sehrbrock) to offer, combined with the Chicas spirit and new talent. It will be an interesting 8-way competition.

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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both available and confirmed as jump planes
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