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Did You Know...

... that Meet Director Bryan Burke now has a competitive agenda in Prostejov?

UK national team in 4-way Women: Kaizen
posted Aug 27th, 2014 - Wednesday was an interesting day at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014.

The weather situation was matching the forecast, and there was no chance to get the jump planes in thr air until early afternoon. Then the weather changed, as is was expected, as well, and the front finally went through. The skies cleared, and there was nothing in the way of more competition - except of one obstacle: the wet grass runway.

The teams and competitors were surprised when a public announcement terminated the competition for the day. The runway would not be able to support the take-offs and landings of the jump planes, and the sunny skies could not be used to catch up with the schedule.

Discussing the schedule for Thursday: Bryan Burke
The Sun Path Products once again used the opportunity to spend some time with participants of the event before it was beer-thirty and the teams and competitors left the drop zone. The British national team in 4-way Women, Kaizen, had a brief appearance and promised for more on Thursday.

Eliana Rodriguez had some additional insights of the Dubai situation. Craig Girard is now also competing in 4-way, and she explained the reasons.

The situation has now become very challenging for meet director Bryan Burke, who has been managing two FAI World Cups in Prostejov in 2009 and 2012 without any problems. He has to find a way how to use the remaining three days to complete the meet in all events. He was already working on an alternate and compressed schedule on Wednesday afternoon. The teams will probably switch to 50-minute turn-around times, and the take-off time for the first load on Thursday morning is scheduled for 7 am...

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