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Did You Know...

... that 4'Aclysme with Katie Woods has the current AAA and AA Class highscores?

Original 4'Astrophe lineup
posted Aug 23rd, 2014 - The Indoor Cloud League is off to the most promising start for the month of August in the history of the new league project.

The ICL leaderboard is showing significantly more scores and videos early this month compared to all previous competitions. Of the currently participating groups, only iFLY Seattle and iFLY SF Bay have not submitted their data yet. They are regulars, and August 2014 could become the new record month with more scores and videos than ever.

A big move was the second time that SkyVenture Montreal has a complete set of six scores on the ICL leaderboard. SkyVenture Montreal had joined the Indoor Cloud League competition in November 2013 and submitted scores and videos for all six categories only once in February this year.

August 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1SkyVenture Montreal (CA)212014172027119
2iFLY Orlando (US)171617212311105
3Skydive Arena (CZ)23211718186103
4iFLY Dallas (US)181913(-1)12101082
5SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)14111521--61
6iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
6iFLY Seattle (US)-------
Richard Bisson with his second lineup
Most of the times, it was the Bisson family team 4'Astrophe (Richard Bisson, daughter Valerie and son Yannick) with a player coach who participated in different categories month by month. Richard Bisson now took the participation a step further.

He completed the AAA and AA Class sequences with his indoor family team and recruited Normand Favreau, Nicolas Gallardo and Stephane Hervieux to go through the other four sequences. Result of the effort is the 1st place for SkyVenture Montreal on the ICL leaderboard at this point in time.

The current leaderboard will not stand as the final one for the month, as the rules allow a complete lineup only to post scores in two "neighbouring categories". SkyVenture Montreal may have to submit two more and different videos with another team to maintain the top position.

Fuzion on the way to Prostejov
However, Richard Bisson's family team currently owns the highscores for the AAA and AA Class sequences, even though the Skydive Arena will probably take them, as soon as Czech organizer Jan Klapka links the Bad Boys videos to the scores after the completion of the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014.

Richard Bisson's team 4'Astrophe was re-named to 4'Aclysme this month. Reason was probably the absence of Valerie Bisson, who is in training with the Canadian national 4-way Women team Fuzion for the world meet. The Sun Path Products NSL News had reported on 15 July 2014 that she followed a recent calling to an open Fuzion slot.

Evolution member Katie Woods was still in Canada and available to fly the AAA and AA Class sequences with Richard and Yannick Bisson in 4'Aclysme. Former Fuzion member Monika Wittmer completed the lineup. The next update with Katie Woods will come from Prostejov where she pursues a world meet medal position with Evolution - outdoors...

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