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Did You Know...

... that Dirty Low and Counterpoint FX pushed each other to new highscores and team record averages?

Trying to keep cool: Meet coach Samer Haija
posted Jul 30th, 2014 - The Northern California Skydiving League returned to Skydance Skydiving for its fourth meet of the 2014 outdoor season. Seven teams came out to jump on a beautiful and very warm summer day in Davis, CA.

The weather was perfect, and the teams got to jumping as early as possible to beat the heat. Meet coach Samer Haija stayed cool on the ground helping teams engineer and dirt dive, while judge Sharon Hawkins enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioned judging station.

The Rookie class had three teams, including NCSL regulars Last Minute, who competed with substitute Brian Naiman last weekend, and two new teams: Maki’s Sled Dogs and Windmill Factory. Last Minute’s competition experience led them to the top of the NCSL Rookie Class leaderboard for the fourth straight meet, finishing with a 5.5 average over four rounds. Maki’s Sled Dogs, helped out by veteran skydiver Monty Stephens, put up a consistent effort, earning at least one point in each round for a 1.8 average. The other new team, Windmill Factory, took home the bronze medals.

NCSL - July 26th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA ClassH,13,A8,2115,C,18G,E,1419,L,6F,2,20TotalAvg
1Fifth Wheel (US)11107999559.2
RankA ClassH,A,B8,21C,6G,E,719,LF,2TotalAvg
1Dirty Low (US)12266--266.5
2Counterpoint FX (US)10645--256.3
3High Anxiety (US)2144--112.8
1Last Minute (US)7546--225.5
2Makis Sled Dogs (US)4111--71.8
3Windmill Factory (US)1000--10.3
Keeping cool in the judging room: Sharon Hawkins
The competition was most heated in the A Class, with Counterpoint FX and Dirty Low locked tied going into the final jump of the 4-round meet.

Dirty Low finished up with a 6-pointer to win their first competition this year with a 6.5 average and by one point over Counterpoint FX, taking home their first gold medal. Counterpoint FX placed 2nd with a 6.3 average. Both teams finished with the highest meet averages of the 2014 season and their first 2-digit scores in Round 1.

High Anxiety in 3rd place of the A Class competition had some personnel changes, with new team member Campbell Pool flying the Tail slot, while Matt Wallin substituted at Center Inside.

AA Class team Fifth Wheel in action
Fifth Wheel was back in the AA Class competition after attending the May meet in Northern California. Team member Krisanne Combs said that her team didn’t let the lack of competition slow them down. Fifth Wheel has been training aggressively at Skydance, Skydive Perris, and at iFly SF Bay with coach Josh Hall, and the team was eager to use the meet to measure their progress. The hard work paid off as the team’s average increased by two points compared to the May 24 competition, and the team is feeling strong going into its final training sprint before the USPA Nationals 2014.

NCSL Tunnel Kicker coaches Julius and Deanna Frank organized a sequential 16-way after the awards ceremony. Krisanne Combs said that Julius Frank was proud of his "tunneled kids" who made the jump successful.

The Northern California Skydiving League is now looking forward to celebrating its 1-year “re-birthday” at next month’s events, an NCSL Tunnel Kicker on August 13, and Meet #5 at Bay Area Skydiving on August 23.

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